Lagoon to open this weekend but don’t expect to ride Cannibal

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FARMINGTON, Utah - Lagoon is opening Saturday but don't expect to ride the long-awaited "Cannibal" roller coaster.

The ride was expected to be open to the public March 28 but park officials said that is no longer the case.

The amusement park will open Saturday but Cannibal will not be  ready for riders.

Officials have not confirmed when Cannibal will be up and running.

The park will be open weekends until June 7 when it opens daily for the summer season.

This video shows what could be the first test run of Lagoon's latest coaster.

Jordan Myers posted the video to YouTube on March 15 and it has thousands of views.

Lagoon has confirmed a vertical lift will go straight up with a free fall into a tunnel 20 feet underground.

Twelve riders will travel up to 70 mph through an inverted diving loop.


  • Darth Hater

    I heard from an employee of the park who has been working assembling the ride say the engineers were not satisfied with the restraint system and are having to redesign a new system.

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