Utah love triangle turns deadly after woman’s boyfriend shoots her ex-boyfriend

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WEST POINT, Utah – The Davis County Sheriff's Office has identified the man killed in a West Point love triangle as 29-year-old Randy Lennell Lewis of Kansas City, Missouri.

Police have arrested the suspect, Jory Arlow Fenstermaker, who now  faces a charge of criminal homicide after an argument turned physical and escalated to a shooting early Sunday morning.

Davis County Sheriff Todd Richardson said a man from out of town was visiting his ex-girlfriend and their two children at a home in West Point near 885 N. 3200 W.

Police said the woman’s current boyfriend was there at the house and that all of the adults got together to have drinks.

Police stated there was also evidence of drug use at the home.

"They were under several controlled substances that altered their mood; we don't know exactly what those substances are until we get the toxicology reports back," Davis County Sgt. DeeAnn Servey said. "I believe that played a factor in the events of the evening."

Officials said Fenstermaker and Lewis got into an argument which then became physical.

Deputies said Fenstermaker allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Lewis, killing him.

"Our initial investigation leads us to believe that the relationship between these three is a core detail in why the argument ensued," Servey said.

Officials said the shooting happened just after midnight and two children were in the home.

"They were in the home, they slept through the incident, which is good news," Servey said. "They are safe as well as the female who lives in the home, the mother."

Authorities said Fenstermaker ran after the shooting, even jumping fences and running through the backyards of neighbors' homes.

Around 2 p.m., Fenstermaker turned himself in and was booked into the Davis County Jail.

Neighbors say this is the first incident of any kind they've seen at the home.

"I've always seen their kids over there playing on the ground or playing on the grass or whatever and they've always been nice people really not making any disturbances," neighbor Scott Miller said.

Google Map for coordinates 41.127046 by -112.088316.


  • skyedub

    Fortunately, I am positive that DCFS has caught wind of this and are currently organizing an investigation that will spiral out in disproportionate lengths leaving the poor mother who probably didn’t foresee this in despair of not only losing those two losers but her children also.
    *Sigh, such is life eh?

    • Kdc

      Unlikely she’ll lose her kids, but she’ll be jumping through some hoops to keep them. Taking kids from parents is always a last resort unless there is extreme physical, or sexual abuse. If she is clean, then very little will happen. If she’s dirty (which I’m guessing she is) then she’ll have to go to treatment, stay clean; possibly supervised visitation for a while.

  • Suzanne Arroyo-Noa

    Never thought I’d live to see the day an online article would affect me personally. But let me first say how misleading the headline is for this article: “LOVE TRIANGLE”? REALLY? The father was there to visit his children. He and the ex had moved on. He was obviously aware that the “new boyfriend” was there. All was well…at first. We don’t know what preceded this incident. What’s lost in this story is that he was staying in his kids’ lives. EVERYTHING ELSE HERE IS HYPE. How do I know?
    He was my nephew
    ..and by the way? Hope you all never get to experience anything like this for yourselves or your families/friends


      My sympathies, Suzanne, are with these children who will grow up without a decent role model in their lives. Obviously the mother doesn’t have what it takes to teach her children about morality, about commitment, and the value of marriage over a shack up relationship.

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