Body camera captures incredible rescue of baby Lily from car in Spanish Fork River

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WARNING: The videos in this story contain raw footage of emergency crews responding to a crash that left a woman dead and her daughter in critical condition. Some may find some of the images disturbing, viewer discretion is advised.

SPANISH FORK, Utah -- The survival story of an 18-month-old girl who was found in a car after a crash into the Spanish Fork River that left her mother dead has attracted national attention, and Friday police released footage of the incredible rescue.

Jennifer Groesbeck, 25 of Springville, was killed in the crash, but despite spending an estimated 14 hours in the car in the frigid water, 18-month-old Lily survived. The water in the river was so cold that seven emergency responders were treated for hypothermia. See the videos above for a two-part report on the rescue footage, and see the bottom of this story for the raw video.

In the footage released Friday, emergency responders can be seen urgently working to shift the vehicle to reach the young girl inside.

"You got her? Pass her up! Pass her up," one responder can be heard saying in the video as the young girl is withdrawn from the wrecked vehicle.

The child was then passed to one emergency responder, who begins rushing toward the river bank and an ambulance waiting there.

The man carrying the girl can be heard saying, "She's definitely hypothermic."

The video continues as the child is put into an ambulance and EMS personnel frantically work to save her life.

At one point, a responder says: "Come on baby!" as a medic attends to the child.

Later, the officer says they have made it to the town of Salem, and he continues talking to the EMS personnel: "We're almost there, you getting a pulse?"

As they bring the child into the hospital, someone says: "We've been doing CPR on her, she's been throwing up a little bit."

Lily was in critical condition after the crash, but she has since been released from the hospital. Her father spoke with FOX 13 News earlier in the week about her incredible recovery.

The cause of the crash remains unclear, and policed are investigating. The crash is believed to have occurred around 10:30 p.m. on March 6, but the vehicle wasn't located until a fisherman spotted it around noon the next day.


  • alaina winterberg

    They saved this girls life and all you people are worried about is how they did CPR? Seriously, she is alive today thanks to all the heroes who helped rescue her from that icy river! Thank God Angels were watching over her that day and my prayers go out to her family who lost a daughter.

  • Jesse K.

    They saved here life. No matter what, they did the job right. If your gonna argue about the CPR technique or timing, you are seriously either A.) Trolling. or B.) Just need a life.

    • Tea

      Or C. I have a medical background and this clip made me angry and frightened to even think if this had been my child… I don’t even own a TV, drama hungry society. Why is this clip even public? My comment was not meant to insult anyone. But I agree with Michelle’s comment below, this woman obviously was lacking vital knowledge about child resuscitation techniques. I would hope the ambulance company would take a look at this situation. Good quality CPR saves lives. I am just so thankful that this little girl is ok.

  • Michelle

    Unfortunately, this is what you will get when you have body cams. I agree, there was no reason that continuous CPR should not have been preformed on an infant/toddler who is unresponsive. Spending too much time worrying about an airway when no oxygen was actually being given. Honestly, I believe that the love of this little girls mother saved her from beyond, along with the quick response of the 4 men that help get her out of that vehicle. Because nothing about what that women is doing in that back of that ambulance is correct. Giving her some credit, she may be new or just very scared with children-which is very possible and very real. Looking at the clip and listening to the fact that they “say” that they did CPR, I can still find at least 10 things wrong with the current call as with anyone with any knowledge. But again, Thank God, she is alive, it is truly a miracle, and hopefully there will be no permanent damage.

  • TheTruth

    Ok People. There were no angels involved in this. This is high technology called Microwave Voice to Skull. The Patent on this is 4,877,027. Inventor: Brukan Wayne B. Application Number: 202699. This is technology that states a method of irradiating a person’s head to produce sound in the head of the person comprising… 100 Mhz to 10,000 Mhz. Glad baby is ok. Sorry for the death of the mother; however, Humans really need to grow up and face the music as to what is really going on this planet. This technology has been around for a very long time. People are suffering from it. Truth NEEDS to come out. Mind Control!!! NO MORE!!!! The lies are continuing. WAKE UP!!! Transhumanism is taking place. Look up Targeted Individuals around the globe!!! Enough! This is no joke. Look up the facts. Oh yeah… Synthethic technology is also involved. Look that up too.

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