No sex ed for kids unless parents opt them in, bill proposes

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SALT LAKE CITY — The House Education Committee discussed a bill that would make it a rule for parents to opt their children into sex education classes in school.

House Bill 447 would clarify that sex education taught in school would be opt in, meaning parents would have to sign a form if they want their kids taught sex education in junior high and high school.

The bill went up before a committee Monday morning with a lot of questions. The ACLU raised a lot of concerns about it, saying the

definitions in the bill are too broad.

ACLU officials question whether the classic book “The Scarlet Letter” being read in English classes or dissecting an animal in biology classes would somehow run afoul of this law.

The bill’s sponsor Rep. Brad Dee said of course not.

Most of the testimony were in support of this bill.

“We believe that parents should have the ability to control, especially on sensitive topics, their children’s participation, in that sense, this bill seems harmonious with that principal,” said Brad Smith, state superintendent.

The two democrats on the House Education Committee objected to this bill, one saying it arrives too late in the legislative session the other saying it is redundant to existing state school board policy.

It did pass out of committee and now heads to the full House for consideration.


  • bob

    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. If you want your kid to participate, say so. Otherwise the schools should assume the parents are taking care of it.


    Until educations work out their confusion over non-gender bathrooms I question when they are qualifed to teach our children on this subject. It is surprising how many educators don’t realize that included in this course of education is the concept of morality.

    Morality is what separates decent humans from my neighbor’s male cat who is always looking for a female in heat.

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