Medical marijuana bill dies in Senate with a 14-15 vote

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A bill that would legalize medical cannabis died in the Senate Monday night.

While SB-259 barely passed a second reading last week with a 16-13 vote, it narrowly failed its third reading in the Senate by a 14-15 vote.

Those who opposed the bill would not provide a comment Monday night.

The bill would have allowed for people in Utah with qualifying illnesses to be able to use medical cannabis in edible or liquid form, and establish licensed dispensaries to sell it.

The video above is an unedited interview with bill sponsor Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Saratoga Springs, and his reaction after the bill failed.


  • freewill2

    Cocain, Morphine and other drugs are medicines not drugs when given by doctors, but the most harmless is marijuana, it’s still illegal as medcine. go figure

  • Nathan Richins

    Please, for the love of the people, retire you old and dated politicians so the educated, less judgmental generation can govern our own. Your old beliefs and old traditions have no place in a modern society. Bring on the millennials!

    • Jer

      They won’t ever retire. We need to vote them out. I bet the large majority of people that are in favor of medicinal and recreational marijuana don’t even, or never have even voted for a senator or congressman.

  • Lyn

    Really wish they would look into how natural marijuana is instead of all these pain meds never heard of weed overdose… I know personally that marijuana is a big relief for managing pain I have lupus,fibromyalgia,chronic pain through my whole body everyday I’m 31 and Drs say I’ll be in a wheelchair by the time I’m 35 I’m not looking forward to any of it…. but I know pain medications will give an addiction problem,organ failure issues,heart explosions… WHAT “ISSUES” HAVE BEEN CAUSED BY MARIJUANA??? AN HERB THAT GROWS NATURALLY OR PAIN KILLERS THAT WILL DO MORE HARM TO YOUR HEALTH… WOW INSTEAD OF NAUTURAL YOUR CHOOSING TO KILL US WITH PAIN PILLS WHAT IS WITH THIS PLACE….

  • CJ Haws

    Frustrating to see this as so many people could benefit from this plant. This was a step in the right direction if passed but we still have ignorant minds voting on this. Sad they can’t see through all the propaganda.

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