Model who is almost 9 months pregnant is so fit she has abs

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LOS ANGELES -- A pregnant Los Angeles model is sparking conversation across the internet for her extremely fit physique.

Sarah Stage, 30, has visible abs even though she is almost 9 months pregnant. Stage regularly posts pictures of her baby bump on her Instagram account, where she has 1.2 million followers.

Stage says her baby is now 5 lbs. The model posts pictures of herself working out and of her healthy meals. She has a website to "share her journey of pregnancy and motherhood."

Despite many saying Stage seems too skinny for a pregnant woman, others have jumped to her defense. Stage also seems to be taking the criticism in stride.


  • banderasgrl

    She looks fabulous. Because she is thin, doesn’t mean the baby is being hurt. It means she is taking care of herself

  • shari

    She is smoking hot. I have 3 kids and never weighed more then 125. I ate healthy and worked out. don’t hate motivate she wants to keep her body and is doing exactly what she needs to. You go girl!!!

  • Jeanette

    The baby takes whatever it needs from your body to grow. As long as she is eating healthy the baby should be fine. 5 lbs seems small but babies can pack on a pound or more in the last month. She is obviously petite so will probably have a petite baby.

  • Mimi

    The baby will probably end up too small because most likely this woman is not eating enough fat. Babies need fat for their brain, to store nutrients and to keep warm. Fat is essential and it seems this woman is vain and is more concerned with her figure than the health of her baby. It’s good to eat healthy and take care of yourself during pregnancy, but she is taking it to the extreme.

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