The real story behind the ‘octopus escape’ at the Seattle Aquarium

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SEATTLE – Was it a daring escape attempt thwarted at the last minute? Or was it an intelligent and agile creature new to its environment exploring its boundaries?

Video posted online earlier this week shows the octopus seemingly attempting to topple over the lip of its enclosure at the Seattle Aquarium.  At the last minute, an aquarium staffer can be seen helping the animal stay in its tank.

The video quickly went viral with websites posting and reposting the video with breathless headlines about a daring escape.

However, the Seattle Aquarium’s Tim Kuniholm tells Q13 FOX News the “video has been blown out of proportion.”

“It’s a new octopus ‘Ink’ in a new exhibit exploring his boundaries,” Kuniholm said.  “In the video that’s been shared by the public… it’s one of our staff members helping Ink bank into his exhibit after exploring the edge.”

The Seattle Aquarium does regular work with the Giant Pacific Octopus species found in the Puget Sound.

Just a few weeks ago, the aquarium released two of its octopuses back into the sound.

Here is video of Hazel’s release:

Here is video of Franklin’s release:


  • bob

    They are shockingly intelligent. I saw an experiment in which on octopus was fed from a large glass jar for a while. Then a lid was screwed on. The octopus quickly figured out how to unscrew the lid, but then after a few feedings he realized that was way too much work and began waiting INSIDE the jar for the food to be put in.

      • McKatie

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      • McKatie

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