A House committee passes white collar crime registry

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Campaign contributions

The House voted 40-31 to defeat Democrat Brian King’s bill that would have set caps on how much money could be donated to a politician’s campaign.

White collar crime registration

The House Law Enforcement committee passed H-B 378, which authorizes the attorney general’s office to set up a registry for convicted fraudsters, much like a sex offender registry.

The bill goes to the full House for debate.

Search and seizure amendments

The Senate unanimously passed a bill that requires law enforcement to get a warrant if they want to see through someone’s walls.

Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Saratoga Springs, said a new radar technology used by law enforcement allows police to see through people’s walls. The bill requires another vote in the Senate before going to the House.

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  • Rick

    Look, another registry! You might be on the next registry! Maybe we could get the whole system so burdensome and confusing that people would finally see the futility in the effort and junk the whole registry system!

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