WVC man in last month’s hammer, knife attack dies

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — A 68-year-old man attacked by a man wielding a knife and hammer last month has died, police confirmed Monday.

On Jan. 28, West Valley police say Leslie Beus was in his front yard on West Cape Vista Way when he was approached by 19-year-old Gerardo Enrique Perez, who was armed with a knife and hammer.

When Beus was attacked, a family member inside Beus’ house heard the commotion and looked out the window. The scuffle was then carried into the victim’s home.

Beus was struck several times in the head with the hammer, police say.

Prior to the attack, the release states, witnesses saw Perez walking east on Cape Vista Way carrying a knife and hammer and behaving strangely.

The suspect eventually ran from the scene eastbound after the attack.

Witnesses reported seeing the suspect enter the back yard of a home on the 4400 South block of 5630 West.

The release states police obtained entry into the home and found Perez in the basement.

The suspect reportedly rents a portion of the basement.

Perez was initially charged with attempted homicide, a first-degree felony. Police say the charge will be amended to reflect Beus’ death.

Perez was also charged with aggravated residential burglary, a first-degree felony; three counts of aggravated assault, a third-degree felony; resisting arrest; and obstruction of justice, a second-degree felony.


  • jaime

    very sad …this man was my sisters father in-law ..its heart breaking he should be locked up for the rest of his life he took a mans life and changed a familys for ever..


      Normal people don’t pack heat while doing work in their own yard. Regardless of which holster you’re using they are uncomfortable, and sooner or later the fellow doing the carrying is going to ask himself why? You knew that didn’t you BOOM?
      Of course if somebody wants to pretend that they are James Bond ……..

      • boom

        your talking to someone with a concealed on them 95% of the time. if i lived in WVC still it would be 100%. the reason i carry now is because i lived in that waste of a city and almost got shot in the head.


        BOOM – Police respond to problems and emergency calls frequently and the chances of a specific officer using deadly force during their entire career is unlikely. Those who carry for a living understand that. It’s how you can identify the professional from the blowhard.


      I stipulated that “normal” people don’t pack heat while doing work in their own yard. You can say anything you want on the internet but in the real world those who carry know its hard to find a comfortable holster to conceal a fire arm under a tee shirt, and ankle holsters just aren’t practical for several reasons. But then you know all that …… right?

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