Company has a ball working in ‘the cloud,’ not the one you’re thinking

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From the outside, it looks like any other quaint Victorian house.

But inside, it’s far from ordinary; creativity is in abundance.

The team at design company Pearlfisher gather daily on the cloud but not the kind most think.

The puffs are part of their break room to brain storm.

It is all about using playful icons to communicate the flavor and they have a ball every time.

That’s because they are sitting on 81,000 white balls.

The office is now entirely converted into a giant plastic adult playground that promotes the power of play.

Where adults can work, unwind, clear their minds, all in a low pressure environment.

“I think this is a completely non-goal orientated environment,” Jack Hart said, Pearlfisher Senior Creative Strategist. “I think the worse thing businesses can do is often say, ‘This is going to be the outcome, this is how much revenue it’s going to generate.’┬áIt’s about getting away from those targets and goals and I think what that does mean is that you come away being more productive, more refreshed, more connected and more energized.”

The jump in installation follows Google, Facebook, Yahoo and others that have added slides, interior gardens, pool tables and game rooms to their offices.

“There has been a real desire for things like this in business because people like to talk and say they work in creative environments but bean bags just doesn’t cut it anymore,” Hart said.

What they say this space really does is help create a playful environment, which then helps foster the creative process.

“It’s about embracing a childlike mindset, and for me, letting off some steam,” Hart said.

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  • bob

    Keep the ball pit. Give me a raise. When it comes to employment I’m a mercenary. I’ll work hard for you as long as you pay me to do it. More pay = harder work.

    Pay me minimum wage, because you can’t legally pay less, and I’ll do as little for you as I can get away with. That’s how the free market works.

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