Boy with autism beaten at Missouri middle school

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LIBERTY, Mo. – A 12-year-old boy with autism spent four days in the hospital after being severely beaten by an older boy in the school cafeteria at Liberty Middle School last week, FOX 4 News in Missouri reports.


Destiny Kitchen’s son, Blake, has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism.

FOX 4 reports Blake eats in the same spot in the cafeteria every day at school. But when he arrived at school on Thursday for breakfast, another student moved his belongings from his seat.

Blake asked the boy to move. It was at that point another boy stepped in and started beating Blake until he blacked out, FOX 4 reports.

The boy who reportedly beat the 12-year-old was also bullying Blake’s brother, Kitchen told FOX 4.

Kitchen mailed certified letter to the principal that detailed bullying that was happening to her older son by the same boy, FOX 4 reports. In the letter, she asked the school to protect her children.

Kitchen said nothing happened.

Blake suffered a jawline fracture, fractured skull and damage to his ear that may require surgery, FOX 4 reports.

Blake’s reported attacker is in juvenile detention while Liberty police investigate the assault.

Liberty School District released a statement.

“The incident involving Blake is being reviewed and school leaders are cooperating with police in their investigation,” according to the statement.


  • bob

    Sick little creeps. I can’t wait to pay to incarcerate them their whole lives, when they’re not shacked up with baby-mommas in government housing.


    Naturally the Liberty Middle School administration won’t accept responsibility for their lack of action in protecting Blake. Based on their mentality I’m a little surprised they haven’t suspended Blake for fighting.

  • thomassutcliffe

    Reblogged this on aspiblog and commented:
    This is a truly shocking story. “School Leaders” may be co-operating now that it is officially a criminal matter, but they appear to have COMPLETELY IGNORED A REPORT OF SERIOUS BULLYING – which allowed this incident to happen.

  • thomassutcliffe

    Why did Liber Middle School completely ignore the initial report of bullying – had administrators there done their jobs properly this incident would never have happened. Have reblogged this on aspiblog.

  • Dave

    Interesting account here! I am a 60 YO man who has (in the past few years) been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. The stories I could tell about school bullying/harassment would, in all likelihood, surprise/scare many people. The interesting part was though, that I was (and still am) a big & sometimes mean person. I WAS different though!….and, as such, I was the object of harassment and bullying – at least until I decided to retaliate!

    I read accounts like this and think about how I would love to be able to time travel and “take care of” the bullies!

  • givemeyourking

    I know that might doesn’t make right. But most kids would have enough sense to move away from the spot the gigantic bully wanted to sit at. Pick your battles.

  • boomshackalacka

    You are an idiot king. He has aspergers so he likely wasn’t picking battles. What I’d like to know is how he got beaten so badly in the cafeteria without intervention. Every teacher in the room at that time should lose their job.

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