Booming Forward: Boomers working from home

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It used to be when you saw a "work from home" advertisement you would likely see it as a scam. Making $1,000 a week stuffing envelopes or being a secret shopper was usually unrealistic.

Many of those ads were scams.

But today the work from home sector is growing quickly and most of these jobs are legitimate and can be perfect for boomers.

FOX 13’s Dave Nemeth provides insight for those looking for a job to do from home.

Watch the video above for the full story.

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  • Laura Gold

    Working from home is one option for boomers. Many are also opting to start businesses once leaving their jobs, traveling, volunteering and retiring overseas. I recently read several guest posts on this topic on the site Retirement And Good Living. The site provides information on many topics for boomers and other who are approaching retirement or already retired.

  • Michael

    Home-based businesses are increasing exponentially due to the convenience of working from home, tax benefits, flexible hours, and the potential to earn more than a traditional job (5-6 figures per MONTH). Many Americans are no longer entitled to pensions and have not saved anywhere near what is needed to support themselves in retirement. Unfortunately, many will continue to work into their golden years if they wish to eat. Home-based businesses can provide financial security through the retirement years by way of residual income. Being that it is no longer financially feasible to work for 40 years and retire with adequate savings, home-based businesses and the direct selling industry will be what Americans turn to for financial security. Do your homework, buy into a solid network marketing company, and grow financial security before it’s too late. It’s a no brainer.

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