Missionaries escape after held captive, beaten in New Mexico

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Last week two missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints found themselves in a terrifying situation in New Mexico, taken hostage and held against their will for hours.

Court documents state Zuniga Delgado and Michael Whitaker were invited into Erwin Smith's apartment, where things took a dangerous turn. New Mexico missionary captor

Police said Smith held them hostage and began to "physically batter them by punching, kicking and elbowing them."

At one point, investigators said Erwin got a knife and began making stabbing motions towards the back of their heads, saying "I'm going to kill you guys and hide your bodies in the bathtub.”

The incident happened over three hours until Whitaker and Delgado made a break for the door and escaped.

They then flagged down a police officer who then took Smith into custody.

Smith is now facing charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


  • Matt

    Too bad it wasn’t me there as I served my mission after I got out of the Marine Corps. Young Erwin would have needed the paramedics to assist him after I was done with him. God help the man that hits me the first time. Oh, BTW, I grew up in NM and home isn’t what it used to be by a long shot. I also worked in law enforcement down there and that place is rough these days.

  • jim

    I’m glad they’re safe but are they from Utah? Or is this in the Utah news only because they’re morman? I just don’t get it

  • Ddd

    Haha. They had to run away and flag down a cop for help!!!!! What’s the matter? No faith!!??? Why didn’t they just PRAY ABOUT IT!??!!!

    • LLL

      hmmm and yet the guy just happen to be far away enough for the Missionaries to escape with minor wounds, where they could’ve be severely hurt, and a cop happen to be near by. God isn’t meant to do anything for us, he give us a choice on how we can help ourselves. I know for a fact that they did pray and their faith in God would keep them strong. Also when do you associate praying as weak? You don’t say it but it is in the sub-context of your comment. Everyone prays whether to God for faith or for a job they really want or to just have a better day. Think about it I bet you prayed once or twice in your life.But off my preaching. What I find interesting is that you think flagging down a cop is weak. So if you were in that situation you would what? Run to mom or dad? Run to friends? This guy is a sociopath and clearly dangerous. What would you have done different. Let me guess try to fight that and maybe just MAYBE win or who knows get stabbed in the back of the head and get thrown in his bathtub.

    • Todos acreditamos em alguma coisa nessa vida seja ela qual for, então o que você acredita te faz se livrar de todos os seus problemas? Acredito que não! Tudo tem um porque!

  • Gi

    I don’t understand why the magic underwear didn’t protect them from punches or possible stab wounds. If I had magic underwear, I wouldn’t be worried about getting stabbed.

    • Carol

      It is not “magic underwear” it is sacred garments. Before making comments why not try to educate yourself then you don’t sound ignorant. What difference does it make if they are Mormon missionaries or not why not just be glad they were able to get away and get the dangerous man off the streets? Would you be saying the same thing if it was one of your family members or even yourself in that situation? Why put people down because of their religion? If more people would accept others and what they believe there would be less hatred in the world! And just because people don’t believe the same as you doesn’t mean they hate.

      • Gi

        Both of you stand there on your high horses because I made fun of your beliefs and you respond by making fun of people who dress differently or are homosexuals? Great Christian example you hypocrite.


      The missionaries were able to escape GI. Maybe their “magic underwear” helped. Don’t you usually go by the screen name of Bob? I’ve mentioned before where you can go to get help with your mental health problems.

  • bobpatrico

    Mr GI!!! Apostle Paul said God is not mocked, We shall Reap what we show” so when we say something we need to make sure that it will be good and edifying to the hearer..ask your self ” why are people dying..
    ..why is bad things happen to good people
    ..why is Job who was famous felt into problem and all his famous parish in a minutes??? Savior indicated clearly ” you shall be hated of all nation for my name sake..this prophesy is standing strong today… Why Mormon??? What about others??? Because they have no truth in them…those missionaties were saved by Heavenly father if not for the law I suggested that they set that strange man free, I know one day he will be converted and come to the knowledge of truth…one story about missionary who served his mission in Africa..one day him and his companion went out to proselite they knock a door of a sister this sister came out and responded to and told them that the should wait for her..she came back with a huge wood and hit one elder at his arm, this elder felt down he couldn’t move course his arm was broken
    .this elder was taken home to take treatments..one day at conference this elder having one arm meet someone who said am she that coused this to happened to you…if that were you what would you do??? Sister got truly converted..and even this elder with one arm is so happy course his testimony stand firm and always… Savior said those who lost their life for my name sake same shall find it… One day I don’t know how when people’s eyes and ears are going to be open and see and hear for them selves and be converted and loose themselves from being captive to the devil….
    Jesus Christ cried loud in Mathew 23:27-38 and he said it clearly I want to point out today may be your eyes can see this time..it is in Mather 21:43 “Therefore say I unto you, the kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a nation bringing forth the fruit thereof.” Ask your selves..” Which Nation is bringing forth that fruits….AMERICA and the Mormons ..so keep calm we have the truth that’s why we are on fire!!!it will soon end…

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