Family says they believe federal review of shooting will bring justice for Darrien Hunt

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah -- The family of a Saratoga Springs man shot and killed by police last year says they have renewed hope that justice may still be served.

Darrien Hunt, 22, was shot and killed outside the Panda Express on Crossroads Boulevard and Redwood Road on September 10, 2014. Now, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Utah is working with the FBI and Department of Justice on a federal review of the shooting.

Utah County, who originally investigated the shooting, said the officers involved, Cpl. Matt Schauerhamer and Officer Nicholas Judson, were justified.

According to police, Hunt swung a samurai-style sword at them and then started running toward a busy parking lot. Police shot him in the back six times. The Hunt family has always maintained Hunt wasn’t a threat.

“I’m traumatized still whenever I see a police officer because of that event,” said Cindy Moss, Hunt’s Aunt. “There are so many mistakes in the case that were overlooked, ignored and still to this day have been.”

The family also says race was a factor in the shooting, pointing to a blog post written by Cpl. Schauerhamer about people who look like reggae singer Bob Marley.

“I think there is so much evidence against what they stated and opposite what they stated that it has to bring up concerns for the Department of Justice and the FBI,” Moss said. “I’d be shocked if they can’t see the problems in this case. So, our expectation is that they’ll look over and see the things that are really amiss with that investigation and we’ll be able to get justice for Darrien.”

Saratoga Springs Police Department officials have stated they stand by the officers’ actions, and say they are willing to help the federal investigation in any way possible.

“We aren’t surprised in light of some recent events around the country," said Heather White, the attorney representing Saratoga Springs and the two officers. "We were expecting this would happen, and, as we stated in the past, we welcome it. We have nothing to hide."

If the federal investigation does determine there was wrongdoing done by Saratoga Springs officers, those officers could face federal charges.

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        Utah County conducted an independent investigation into this shooting and determined that it was justified. There is no reason to believe the Feds won’t come to the same conclusion based on the same evidence.

        No different than the Feds decision supporting the Grand Jury ruling on the 18-year old black man shot by a white police officer.


    Want to avoid getting your a$$ kicked by the police? These helpful tips from Chris Rock are the same ones found in the Feds handbook.

  • Susan

    Cindy I’m sorry But your in for a big disappointment, Matt was right he’s not racist. And i do have a psychology degree.

  • bob

    Nobody wants to bust white cops more than Eric Holder, and even he had to admit that the Ferguson cop was right. The same thing will happen here, too.

    But even the stamp of approval from America’s Top Racist won’t stop people from believing whatever they want to believe.

  • Trace

    I could care less what the persons ethnicity is, seems mighty suspicious that they won’t release the video of this kid swinging this PROP at the officers. Guess we will soon know. I want ALL THE GUILTY to be held accountable. No reprieves because you have a badge.


      The Utah County prosecutor’s office reviewed all the evidence before determining that the shooting was justified. The Feds will see the same evidence and reach the same conclusion. Just behave yourself Trace and deprive the police of a reason to kick your a$$.

  • Dan E

    I think it’s discussing what the did 6 times in the back and then of corse the police stand behind them the blue wall is as strong as ever. Even worse that cop going on his blog and writing all that hate talk about Bob Marley learn your facts before you open your mouth weed to the Rastafarian religion is like the sacrament to Mormons they believed it grew on the grave of king Solomon they call it wisdom weed were just so small minded around here everyone thinks he was high on weed and a threat weed does not make someone violent quiet the opposite actually they just like most cops want to know what it’s like to shoot an kill someone and not only get away with it get a paid vacation out of it if there is any justice those 2 cops will get what’s coming to them prison for murder oh and I listen to Bob ( the musical prophet) everyday and I don’t smoke weed I’m sorry for the families loss


      Dan, I suspect that the word you were looking for was “disgusting” and not “discussing”. Your ramble suggests someone who is high on illegal pharmaceuticals.

      • Dan E

        Wow you got me AnotherBob I must be “high” you just showed your ignorance like most people around here learn what your talking about before you make a fool of yourself please don’t respond to me I have no desire to here from people like you I just have one bit of advice for ya get of your high horse, now i need to get to work I hope I can make it being so high on “illegal pharmaceuticals.” must be nice knowing everything


        Dan E – When talking about ignorance it always helps to add a period at the end of a sentence and start a new one with a capital letter. Come back when you know the difference betwwen “hear” and “here”.

      • Dan E

        get a life you’re more worried about my grammar than the police killing a 22 year old kid quit trying to show everyone your a know it all and climb down off that high horse your life must be really sad no periods or anything ya like that us hillbillies just aint as smart as you your PATHETIC


        Everybody listens respectfully when an ed-ur-kated scholar like Dan E expounds on a subject that he knows nothing about.
        Opinions on the innocence or guilt of these police is like your back side Dan. Everybody’s got one.
        Don’t take yourself so seriously. Nobody else does. :)


    DAN E feels a need to define a 22-year old man as a kid. If he’s old enough to drink alcohol he can’t, by definition, be a kid.


        Do you really think you’re going to get a free pass to talk trash about decent peace officers who respond to 911 calls for help? The rest of us, DAN E, know the difference between a kid and a 22-year old man. Google it if you can’t figure it out.

      • Dan E

        Seriously get a life get a girlfriend (or boyfriend) whatever you fancy cause you are PATHETIC I don’t care what you think just shut up

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