Cat bursts through wall of snow at sound of food

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A wall of snow didn’t stop a 14-year-old cat in Quebec, Canada from getting to its food dish.

The owner of the feline put her pet’s food out on a snow drift that had piled up several feet on the back porch after a major snowstorm on Feb. 16.

The video shows Plume the cat burst through the wall of snow to get to its food.

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  • Cat Avenger

    This video displays just another piece of trash on how people abuse cats. you can see that someone chucks this cat through the snow. how would you like to be thrown through a wall. i demand this be removed immediately and the owner of this cat be brought up on FEDERAL CHARGES. I will not respond to anyone, I am too busy crying for every cat that wakes up in a home like this. Thanks for ruining my day fox.

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