Officers seize over $1M of meth in Summit County drug bust

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COALVILLE, Utah - Authorities have seized more than $1 million worth of meth during a routine traffic stop on I-80 in Summit County.

Deputies pulled over a 2007 Chevrolet Impala on I-80 near Coalville and with the help of a K9, found 31.5 pounds of meth in the trunk.

Officials said it was concealed under a spare tire in the trunk.

Friday authorities took Marilyn Torres, of Long Beach, California, to be referred for federal investigation with the DEA Metro Narcotics Task Force and federal prosecution. 



    Obtained by an e-warrant? in which was signed by a County Commissioner? Since when does a County Commissioner have judicial authority to signed a civil-rights violation like this? So out of ALL the innocent people that the police “OBTAINED” e-warrants for, they are able to catch this ONE person. Totally illegal to “mock” commissioner as a “judge”.

    • Mike Alleman

      I’m having some trouble even understanding what you said. That being said, this POS doesn’t deserve any rights afforded to an American citizen. Should have just shot her on the spot!

      • C'MON MIKE

        Sounds to me like you are a citizen who is unaware of how or police departments separate, especially the departments outside of Salt Lake… but that’s none is my business.

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