New bill gives Governor, executive branch leaders a pay raise

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File photo of Gov. Gary Herbert.

SALT LAKE CITY — A state lawmaker wants to give the governor a raise.

House Bill 368, sponsored by Rep. Brad Wilson, R-Kaysville, would give the governor a raise from $109,000 to $150,000 beginning in 2017. The bill would also raise the salaries of other executive branch leaders, including the Lt. Governor, Utah Attorney General, state auditor and state treasurer.

Under HB368, the lieutenant governor and attorney general’s salaries would be 95% of what the governor makes; the state auditor and state treasurer would make 90% of the governor’s pay.

That’s in addition to a full benefits package for all of them.


  • Carol

    They don’t need a raise. They make more than enough to live on. What about giving the taxpayers a break and cut our taxes. This is just going to raise taxes. I don’t get full benefits, so why should they? They should have to pay for their benefits just like the rest of us have to. Start helping the citizens of this state instead of yourselves. If the governor can’t live on what he is getting now then he should not have the positions he is in. That includes the others in higher positions.

  • Casey

    Do us a favor and try giving both sides of the story, And maybe even suggesting ways in which we can give some legitimate input on this. The vast majority of people would say that this bill is at least a little bit ludicrous and even unethical. Yet at the same time the vast majority of people don’t have a clue how to get involved with government and politics. Thanks Common Core and public school!

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