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Murray High School crowns two students with special needs prom king and queen

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MURRAY, Utah – Two teenagers were crowned king and queen in Murray Friday, and both students with special needs were thrilled to be named prom royalty.

Murray High School is holding their prom on Saturday, and at an assembly on Friday Dustin Johnson and Jebba Jamara were announced as the prom’s royal couple. The teens were chosen to be prom king and queen through a student vote.

Both students were thrilled. Dustin said he was “very happy” and Jebba said she is excited for the dance and to wear her crown.

“Thanks everyone for letting me be here today,” she said at the assembly.

Dustin is deaf and partially blind, and he also has intellectual disabilities. Jebba has several disabilities and is a refugee from Liberia. Murray High School is among the schools that fully integrate students with special needs with the student body, and Dustin’s mom, Kathy, said that is invaluable to her son’s growth.

“This is not just Dustin and Jebba,” she said. “This is all of the kids here at Murray. It just says how special they all are because their hearts are so big.”

The prom is scheduled for Saturday night at the State Capitol Building. See the video above for footage from the assembly and interviews with the prom royalty.


  • Hunter

    This is how the world should progress. Now days kids are entitled brats from the failure of adults. They aren’t taught there are other people in this world too consider. These kids are going to grow up to be great people and too better the world. Everyone of these students are awesome.

  • bob

    I think it’s cute, and I hate to be a naysayer……but this is becoming so common it’s a cliche. It’s a fad.

    Are the other kids hanging around with these two every day? On weekends? During the summer? Or is this just a feel good stunt that they’ll all forget about on Monday?

    What you’re really all about is the way you live when the reporters and photographers aren’t around.

    I’m not saying Murray High School doesn’t live like that. I have no idea. I’m just curious.

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