New bill requires outside police to look into officer use of force

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Todd Tanner, Fox 13 News.

SALT LAKE CITY — A new bill unveiled in the Utah State Legislature would change how police agencies investigate use of force by an officer.

Rep. Marc Roberts, R-Santaquin, released House Bill 361 late Thursday. It would require police agencies to work with prosecutors to have an outside agency investigate an officer’s use of force.

From the bill:

use of force

The bill would require agencies to have protocols in place by Dec. 31 if the bill were to pass the legislature.

HB361 comes as police agencies have come under scrutiny for use of force in Utah and across the nation.


  • Howard McCosh

    Okay, now let’s protect our police officers: Any criminal who resists arrest, assaults a police officer, or the like, upon conviction must pay a mandatory $1,000 fine paid into a Statewide fund. That fund may be filed against by an injured officer or surviving spouse or children if the officer is injured or killed.
    If we hold police officers to a higher standard let’s hold criminals to a higher standard too!

  • bob

    I tend to side with the cops in these matters, but it’s patently absurd to let officers from ANY agency do these investigations. I would think that’s obvious. How can cops possibly be expected to be impartial?

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