Gas tax bill unveiled in the Utah State Legislature

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SALT LAKE CITY — A new bill unveiled in the Utah State Legislature appears to address issues surrounding the gasoline tax.

House Bill 362, sponsored by Rep. Johnny Anderson, R-Taylorsville, and released on Thursday night, does away with the current cents-per-gallon tax. It would instead impose a percentage tax per gallon on fuel “based on the previous calendar year statewide average rack price of a gallon of regular unleaded” set by the Utah State Tax Commission.

From the bill:

Gas tax bill

The bill also allows for a local option sales tax for highways and public transit, something sought by many cities.


  • David Whittington

    Current Utah gasoline tax is 25 cents per gallon. Next time you put gasoline in your tank, watch as the fuel pump counts the gallons and you can calculate in your head the amount of money you are shipping off to the black hole better known as the government. The current Utah gasoline tax generates $350 million per year to fix roads and bridges. This tax revenue is generated EVERY year. WHERE has this $350 million per year gone ? Why is MORE tax revenue needed to feed the hungry black hole ? This proposed gasoline tax increase is a BAD idea. A better idea is more efficient use of the massive amounts of gasoline taxes currently getting collected.

  • Brad

    I agree we need to increase the tax to repair failing roads. I think also that a flat tax is more effective than a graduating scale. Lets not make this so complicated that the station needs to increase people to do the taxes.

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