4 bills move forward for further debate in Utah Legislature

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Sexual consent bill

Rep. Angela Romero’s House Bill 74, passaed unanimously out of a Senate committee Tuesday. The bill gained notoriety after comments from male lawmakers questioned if sex with an unconscious person was rape.

Those comments triggered outrage across the nation. Romero’s bill now goes on to the full Senate for debate.

Partisan School Board Elections

Senate Bill 104 cleared the second reading calendar of the state Senate on a 21-7 vote. It will go before the Senate one more time for a final vote before going over to the House. The bill would do away with non-partisan school board elections.

Seat belt law

The House passed a bill that allows police to pull motorists over for not wearing a seat belt.

Rep. Lee Perry’s House Bill 79, which makes not wearing a seat belt a primary offense, passed after some passionate debate on the House floor Tuesday.

The bill passed on a 41-32 vote. It now goes on to the Senate.

Breast-feeding bill

A bill that offers protections for breast-feeding mothers in employment has passed out of a House committee Tuesday. The bill would make it illegal to demote or fire a woman who is breast-feeding. It now goes on to the full House for debate.


  • Ivan

    They need to kill the seat belt law. I personally wear a seat belt every time I drive but that is my choice. Quit trying to protect adults from themselves. If drivers want to take the risk and not wear a seat belt then it is their fault when they die in an accident.


    I wear a seat belt because they save lives. On the practical side however the police seem to be able to ticket anyone for not wearing them any time they get pulled over for any other reason so it won’t make any difference.

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