Police: AR-15 style rifle wielded by man shot, killed by cops determined to be a BB gun

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PROVO, Utah -- One man is dead after an officer-involved shooting in Provo Sunday morning, and police said the man fled from police, feigned ramming a police vehicle, and eventually engaged with police while wearing a tactical vest and carrying an AR-15 style rifle--which police later determined was an Airsoft BB gun.

Police tell FOX 13 News that the Airsoft rifle should have had an orange tip to indicate it is a BB gunĀ rather than a firearm, but they said it appears that the suspect had removed the orange tip from the rifle, which is pictured below. Airsoft BB guns are often modeled to look like realistic firearms, which is why the orange safety tips are a requirement.

Cody Evans. Image courtesy Facebook.

Cody Evans. Image courtesy Facebook.

At approximately 7:59 a.m., police responded to a domestic violence call. Officers located a male suspect, later identified as 24-year-old Cody Evans of Springville, at Paul Ream Wilderness Park, 1600 W. 500 North, where he had barricaded himself in his truck, said Lt. Brandon Post with Provo police.

While in his truck, Post said, the suspect grabbed what appeared to be an AR-15 style rifle. A press release from police states Evans, "racked the charging handle on the rifle" and then told officers he was going to ram their cars. He began revving his engine, and officers attempted to box the man in by putting spike strips down in front of the truck.

EvansĀ escaped the area by driving through neighborhood yards. Post said officers ended the pursuit for safety reasons after the suspect feigned ramming an officer and ran a red light.

The suspect's car was later found at 9:30 a.m. in the area of 1800 West and 600 South.

Post said Evans was in an outbuilding. When he came out of the structure to get back to his truck, Post said, the suspect was wearing a tactical vest. Officers ordered the man to stop and show his hands, but the suspect instead ran to his truck, opened the door and pulled out the rifle spotted earlier.

Police determined this to be an Airsoft BB gun after a man fleeing from police pointed it at officers and was shot and killed by police. Courtesy of Provo Police Department

Police determined this to be an Airsoft BB gun after a man fleeing from police pointed it at officers and was shot and killed by police. Courtesy of Provo Police Department

A press release states the suspect, "then immediately pointed the rifle at officers who engaged him." Police fired, and the suspect died at the scene. Police stated later Sunday that the officers were about 100 feet away from the man when he pointed the rifle at them, and a total of three shots were fired by police. It was not immediately clear how many of those rounds truck Evans.

An officer from Provo police and a deputy from the Utah County Sheriff's Office were involved in the shooting, according to a press release from Provo police.

The countywide officer-involved shooting team is in charge of the investigation and scene.

Evans' brother, Glenn Bourque reacted to the incident.

"All I know is this wasn't justified, Cody was a good kid, he had a big heart, loved his family, loved his kids," Bourque said.

Bourque said he and his brothers have had run ins with Provo Police in the past, and he said he believes those past incidents may have influenced or impacted how they treated Sunday's events.

Bourque also said Evans and his wife had a rocky relationship and were in the process of getting a separation.

"I think something to do with his wife pushed him, I don't know what it was," Bourque said.

Bourque said the last time he saw his brother was on Saturday, and he said he seemed perfectly fine. He said there was no indication the events of the following day could transpire.

He said: "His last Facebook post said, 'I measured my arms,' because he's been going to the gym, '19 inches this is the happiest I've ever been,' and for someone being the happiest they've ever been to getting gunned down, it's a shock."


    • Cherie Davis

      I think most of us nitwits make a distinction between the unarmed, and the armed-and-pointing-a-gun-at-you folks. We are just dumb like that.

      • bob

        Or the guy who attacked a cop with a snow shovel, breaking his arm and foot, and all the liberals could say was “Why didn’t the cop walk away?”

        Of the three dead men this guy was the LEAST armed, ironically.

      • Jack

        Armed with a airsoft gun John? With that criteria, he was the least armed of those three. But it “looked” like the deadliest, according to most libs…

      • David Cochran

        Yes Jack, he was armed. He could have put an eye out with that thing! Seriously, I dare anyone to tell from a hundred feet, such as where these officers were, to tell the difference between this thing and a “real” AR-15 in a split second. When an idiot, who has already displayed aggression towards these officers, points a gun at you, you don’t have the luxury of a “time out” to see if his gun is real or not. He had already made the motion of pulling the charging handle to make the officers believe he was chambering a round.

  • daggertt

    This is an Airsoft bb gun, not a real AR15. Of course the cops didn’t know that, but by the time everything was over and the article was written, that should have been common knowledge.

  • Hunter

    To the brother and family of Cody Evans sorry for your loss, we all understand the hurt from the loss of a loved one. I’m sure your love is unconditional as it should be but he brought this upon himself. Don’t blame the officers doing their jobs. He is a criminal by definition and by action. most people will not ever be in this situation because we do not create situations by constantly braking the law. By being a good law abiding citizen and not doing something stupid like running into a truck to pull out a gun, fake or real, we go a life time without having to blame the police for problems we’ve created. Even his Facebook pictures he may say he’s happy but He looks troubled behind his eyes.

  • Sassy

    If you point a gun at the police, and you are ready to fire, especially after they’ve asked you to put your arms up, and you’ve already tried to escape them, they will shoot you. Why? Why? Because you have a gun. Why are people so brazen these days and think they can do whatever they want when approached by police? There is no respect for authority anymore. When police approach, you do what they tell you. Hellooooooo!!!!! It just might save your life!!

  • David Cochran

    Well, first off, stupid is as stupid does. Secondly, “He was a good kid”? Again with this tripe? “He and his brothers had prior run ins with the police” . Sounds like he was a standard issue butthead. And thirdly, not ALL of these airsoft guns have that cute little orange tip. I bought two airsoft AR-15s as Christmas presents, one made by Crossman, that didn’t have the orange tip, and from across the room you couldn’t tell these from my real AR. I don’t know why, but I’ve seen some with and some without. I had always thought that ANY look alike had to have the tip.

    • Anthony

      The orange tip can be removed from a BB gun, as well as it can be painted onto a real firearm. The orange tip is for liability purposes only from the manufacturer. How you use the BB gun is your prerogative. In this case, brandishing what appears to be a weapon in a threatening manner towards police will get you a death sentence. Where I fully admonish any and all police brutality and violence, I believe that this person was looking to commit suicide by cop, and knew that he could escalate the situation to that point.

  • Chelsea Mudra

    No one deserves to get shot. He was a good friend and a great father of four. All of you should be respectful, you apparently have no idea how your words hurt those of us who actually knew him. We’re all in enough pain already.

    • KevB

      Deserve? I don’t know about that, but he sure earned it. How many people (public and officers) did he put in danger by fleeing in a vehicle and driving in a reckless manner? He was in control of the situation and decided to escalate it.


      Cody Evans used unimaginably bad judgment. Actually it was beyond unimaginably bad judgment. Not the behavior of a father with four children. I wouldn’t say he deserved to die. It’s more appropriate to say he suffered the consequences that resulted from his actions.

    • Hunter

      Chelsea mudra I’m sure it’s a hurtful loss for you and others but the fact is that Cody made poor choices that cost him his own life. I hope even though you are in pain from his loss I hope you realize this is all codys fault and only codys fault. Why chose a life of crime or if he had mental issues why didn’t anyone get him help instead of blaming everyone else?


      Somebody called in a domestic violence call to 911. Not the kind of behavior I’d expect from a father of four.

  • Lillith Avonlea

    Suicide by cop, apparently. And the wife may be celebrating–it isn’t her and the kids and then him. For that we can praise the man. sad that people let pain of the moments end all tomorrows.

  • Aaron Hansen

    it’s better reporting like this that makes me so angry. And A.R. 15 is not an automatic weapon so when referring to it you call it an AR 15 semi automatic rifle. The news media has become so liberal and ignorant that I can no longer watch the news anymore.


      No honey, they don’t know any such thing. The suspect had removed the orange tip from the end of the airsoft gun. Speculation on whether the gun is real or a toy doesn’t even enter the equation when police are threatened by a gunman.

  • dubs

    The brother said it was unjustified! Dude, your man pointed a gun at them in a threatening manner and they had no idea it was a be gun. In fact, having a vest on and removing the orange tip tells me he wanted this to happen. I know one thing for sure, if I ran my car into a police car and then got out with a tac vest and what looked like an ar15, I would be shot dead rightfully so. So be mature about it and ask what the F*** was your brother thinking and why was he behaving in a way that almost certainly would end like this. Sometimes cops r wrong but this one is pretty simple to an HONEST man!

  • Sunny

    Justified or not, this is someone’s son, father, brother, nephew, loved one. Do you have to trash him to make your own lives more meaningful?! No, you don’t. Regardless of the circumstances, a young man is dead and his family and friends are grieving. Let’s don’t make it worse for them (or anyone else involved) by spewing this hateful garbage.

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