VIDEO: The supersize McMeltdown that got McDonald’s worker McFired

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – There will be no Happy Meals for an angry employee at a Minnesota McDonald’s.

He and his manager are out of jobs after a supersize McMeltdown was caught on camera.

“He was irate, he was upset,” former manager Brandon Robertson said. “He was breaking coffee pots. He was turning over sauces, the different sauces.”

Robertson is the man in the video trying to calm an explosive 17-year-old employee. McDonalds McMeltdown Minneapolis

The overnight manager had been with the chain for five years before he was fired Monday.

Robertson said management told him they didn’t like the way he handled the incident.

“I asked him to leave, as you can see in the video,” Robertson said. “I asked him to leave. What was I supposed to do?”

Robertson said he refrained from physical contact because the worker who trashed the place is under 18.

“I feel like it was unfair because I did what I could,” Robertson said. “He’s 17 years old. I would be in jail if I put my hands on him. He’s a minor. What was I supposed to do?”

He said he called out to other workers who called 911 but the teen was gone by the time officers arrived.

The owner of the McDonald’s location, Courtney Henry, sent a written statement apologizing to customers who witnessed the outburst.

“While it is inappropriate to publicly discuss personnel matters, rest assured that we took the appropriate action to address the entire matter and not just what was seen on video.”

“Everyone is talking about it; it’s like I’m the bad guy,” Robertson said. “I did what I could.”

He said he still isn’t sure what set off the teen.

WARNING: Video below contains adult language, viewer discretion advised. 

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