Health department called in after woman found this for sale at food market

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TEMPLE CITY, Calif. – A California woman called health authorities to complain about something she didn’t approve of in a Chinese food market, raccoon meat.

That’s right, a whole raccoon in a bag can be yours for a bargain $9.99 per pound at the Temple City, California, Metro Supermarket.

Employees told KCAL the animal is considered a delicacy in China.

However, not everyone is eager to try it.



Shopper Christina Dow told KCAL she was horrified when she stumbled upon several of the bagged raccoons.

“The way it’s packaged in the store, it’s so real, it’s so fresh,” Dow said. “You don’t see chickens’ feathers and blood all over them and their expression with their tongue hanging out.”

The Los Angeles County Health Department said selling the raccoons as food could be perfectly legal depending on where stores get the meat.

Health officials inspected the store and said the location will no longer sell the bagged animals until the department gives approval.

Legal or not, Dow said she wants it to stop.

“It’s terrible, it’s like a nightmare,” she said.

The LA County Health Department released a statement about the sale of raccoon in California:

“In general, a raccoon would be considered a game animal under the California Health and Safety Code and could be sold, as long as it is from an ‘approved source’ and not  listed as an endangered  or threatened animal by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife or is listed in 50 C.F.R. 17 Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants.”


  • dawnleon

    Then she’d been horrified if she ever visits China. The have several fresh animals hanging at their local markets (not just chicken or cow parts) because it’s as normal as you going to the market and have the frozen chicken from several weeks ago.

  • Scott

    So because this lady declares it wrong, its wrong? We are a nation and state of laws and if it’s legal she needs to just stop looking at the racoons.

    • Karl

      Remember, we live in a world where if 1 person doesn’t like it, you “MUST” stop doing it. Isn’t it great!! No way we can ask that 1 person to shop elsewhere. We MUST conform. “Hail Hitler. ” Oh wait, wrong country!

  • Nurivan

    This lady needs to know the definition of nightmare.
    Nothing wrong if the state allows the store to sell the product.
    A nightmare is to see how this nation is growing with kids shooting another kid with a gun in a public school.

  • Mimi

    She doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to go in there anymore. It’s a Chinese supermarket for goodness sakes! No one is forcing her to go in there and it’s part of their culture to sell things like that. Unbelievable how one stupid woman thinks she gets to dictate how an entire culture does things.

  • Carey leish

    Who is she think she is? If she does not want to see the Raccoon, shop someplace else. She has no right to tell the store to stop selling Raccoons just because she finds it disgusting. Grow up for heavens sake and realize where meat comes from.

  • cathi redfield

    Myself…wouldn’t buy or eat it but…I believe it’s up to others if they want to . People have been hunting and eating food like that since the beginning of time.

  • JRose

    what is wrong with you people,this is wrong and China is evil when it comes to making animals suffer,they believe the more pain they inflict the better the meat you would not like it if this was your dog or cat.

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