Park City High School unveils two new ‘All Gender’ restrooms

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PARK CITY, Utah -- Park City High School now has two non-gender specific restrooms.

"This isn't an issue about personal beliefs, its about creating a safe and comfortable learning environment for all students," said senior Adam Snyder.

Snyder is a Student Council member who, along with the school's Gay-Straight Alliance Club, worked to get the restrooms officially recognized by the school. For the past few years, transgender students had been using a set of faculty restrooms located near the school's office from time to time.

Principal Bob O'Connor said it started with a phone call a few years ago.

"I had a parent call and let me know she had a transgendered child and asked if we could provide a safe environment for her to use the bathroom," he said.

Snyder became aware of the unofficial option, but after reading about publicly recognized non-gender specific restrooms on college campuses, he felt Park City High School could offer them as well.

"I knew it would take some convincing, but its a really important issue," he said.

Snyder made a presentation on the topic to staff members of the Park City School District during a meeting last fall.

"When people don't understand this issue, it's from a lack of education more than anything else," he said.

When he later asked Principal O'Connor to create a designated non-gender specific restroom, change came about quickly.

"I didn't see any harm in that," O'Connor said, adding "It was a ten dollar swap on the sign."

The new sign posted less than two weeks ago reads: "All Gender Restrooms". Beyond the sign are two, small single stall restrooms for individual use.

Noticing the sign for the first time, teacher Mary Morgan commented: "I think it speaks volumes for our students to lead in that direction. I thought it was great to make all students feel included and welcome."

She doesn't mind that the restrooms once restricted to faculty are now shared.

Principal O'Connor said, so far, he hasn't received any "push back" from within his school community.


  • Forest from the trees

    You got to be kidding me. The writers of “the twilight zone” couldn’t even make something up that was this bizarre or messed up.


    If you were born with guy equipment the doctor probably told your mother you were a boy. They’d use restrooms that have urinals. If you were born without guy equipment the doctor may have suggested to your mother that you might be a girl. Probably why their restrooms lack urinals.

  • David Whittington

    Girl’s restrooms have private stalls with doors. Boy’s restrooms have urinals as well as private stalls with doors. Transgendered students can just use the stalls with doors no matter which restroom they choose. I don’t understand why a THIRD restroom is required ?


        Should they make a non-gender gym class so boys won’t feel uncomfortable showering around other boys … and vice versa?

      • David Whittington

        Yo Dominique – I assume when you state these ‘third’ bathrooms are all about ‘safety’ and you are of the opinion other students are lurking in the bathrooms ready to assault any transgendered students who enter the bathrooms. But the scenario you describe is simply more illegal bullying. Short students get bullied. Minority students get bullied. Handicapped students get bullied. Bullying is a HUGE problem in ALL high schools. High school administrators must do all they can to end bullying in the entire school for ALL students. But building a ‘third’ bathroom in high schools all across America for the fewer than 1% of the student-body who are transgendered is a very expensive and completely ridiculous idea. School adminstrators need to keep the restrooms safe, but building third bathrooms all across America is simply sheer insanity.

      • Joshua Barnes (@joshhatesclowns)

        Good point. It would be great if all public spaces had gender neutral bathrooms. Instead of two separate rooms, you could build a bank of small private bathrooms.

        The same principle is used at music and art festivals when organizers set up a row of porta-poties. They’re all private, they’re all gender neutral.

        Do the same thing permanent public bathrooms. Everyone would enjoy more privacy, gender wouldn’t matter, and women wouldn’t have to wait in line forever even though the men’s restroom is always empty.


        Ever think about female police officers JOSHUA BARNES (@JOSHHATESCLOWNS)? Male police officers use a urinal and are done with business in 20 seconds or less. Their poor female counterpart has to to remover her duty belt and all the attached equipment along with her pants first. Life just isn’t fair and you just can’t sue Mother Nature because you’re “uncomfortable”.


    If I had a teenage son who was uncomfortable using a urinal I’d get him some professional help. Then I guess I might sue the doctor who delivered him for calling him a boy. After that I’d put in a claim against Mother Nature for bungling her job in the first place.

  • Dig Bick

    So what happens when my daughter is raped in one of these all gender bathrooms? What’s the lib’s excuse gonna be? Equal rights for LGBT? Give me a break. There needs to be a stand taken against this satanic reach into our lives. Satan, not Obama is thiis country’s true master,

    • Trish

      Are you that ignorant about criminal psychology? Do you REALLY believe that your daughter’s ra pe is more imminent if she uses an all gender restroom? Ridiculous – but you probably believe girls who show their shoulders or wear shorter than knee-length are asking for it too, right? This is a secular nation – your religions mythology has no bearing on the rights of all students to use the restroom comfortably while being compulsorily educated by the state. No one is going to force your daughter to use an all gender stall – certainly she has a female only option. And it’s great to see that you think so highly of humanity that you believe that sharing a restroom with the opposite gender is going to result in mass assaults. Does your home have gender specific restrooms?

  • Trish

    Only a seriously disturbed person would have an issue with this concept. No one will be forced or coerced into using these restrooms. It cost $10 for signage, and now all students have a safe place where they feel comfortable to do their necessary business during the school day. The same people complaining about this option being made available are the parents who would file a lawsuit if their lily mormon child encountered a transgender child in their gender assigned restroom and were somehow offended or made uncomfortable.


      Is there some difference between an all gender bathroom and a standard bathroom? If a boy is afraid to use a urinal he can always use the stall in the boy’s restroom. Yes, I suppose there are those among us who are very fragile mentally. The real world must be a scary thing for them.

  • SamTheMan

    This is ridiculous. I understand that there are transgender students, but putting them into their own separate box is not going to help anything. If a student has guy parts, but identifies as a girl, she should be able to use the girls bathroom. It is stuff like this that makes these people seem less human.


    The vast majority of us have too many important things to worry about to spend any time agonizing over which bathroom to use. If your sick go see a psychiatrist.

  • Canyon holeman

    There offending 98% of people to cater the other 2% if people this is ridiculous sometimes I worry about the world

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