Man suspected of fatally shooting woman in moving car before turning gun on himself has died

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A photo of Christian Emerson and Amber Lee Hoyt. Emerson is suspected of fatally shooting Hoyt and then himself in a vehicle in North Logan.

NORTH LOGAN, Utah – A man suspected of fatally shooting a woman and then himself while in a moving vehicle late Saturday night died Tuesday night, police announced Wednesday afternoon.

According to a press release from the North Park Police Department, Christian A. Emerson died around 9:21 p.m. Tuesday at a Salt Lake area hospital.

Police offered few details in Wednesday’s press release but said the case will remain open.

Emerson is suspected of fatally shooting Amanda Lee Hoyt as they were traveling in a vehicle.

The pair was found late Saturday, just before midnight, by a man who was driving home.

The incident occurred in the area of 1830 East Canyon Ridge Drive in North Logan.

Chief Kim Hawkes, North Park Police Department, said Sunday: “At least at this particular time, this looks to be like a homicide and then an attempted suicide.”

Police stated Sunday that much of what happened in the vehicle prior to shots being fired is unclear, and they said without anyone to interview many questions may remain unanswered.

“As far as the details of the sequence of events within the vehicle, we have no idea,” Hawkes said Sunday.

Click here for more details about the discovery of the scene of the alleged murder suicide and for an interview with the man who came upon the still-running vehicle.


  • Janelle

    That is my brother in-law you are talking about you low life piece of scum. Learn the facts before running your mouth. How the hell do you shoot yourself in the back of the head and the gun end up in your lap if its a suicide. So Bob go to hell. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear on TV and in the news because there is no such thing as honest journalism anymore.

    • Rich

      Janelle; That is information the general public is not aware of. The truth will come to light in the end. I pray for truth, and trust in the Utah police dept to do there job to bring the truth to the table. Prayers for all involved.

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