Utah man found guilty of killing his wife sentenced to life in prison

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PROVO, Utah — Conrad Truman was sentenced 16 years to life in prison Monday afternoon after a jury found him guilty of the 2012 murder of his wife.

Truman, 32, was accused of shooting and killing his wife Heidy in their Orem home. He was found guilty of murder and obstruction of justice in October 2014.

Truman was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for murder. He was sentenced to one to 15 years in prison for obstruction of justice.

Both sentences will be served consecutively.

Truman’s attorney asked for the minimum sentence in the case and that there was a courtroom full of people who love him.

Truman said he has been respectful during the court proceedings and if he killed his wife he’d admit to it – that’s how much he loved her.

“Mr. Truman is not a saint, he is not a martyr, he is a murderer,” said prosecutor Craig Johnson.

Truman addressed the judge for about 30 minutes before the sentencing, maintaining his innocence.

"Well I'm still here I'll be fighting this thing until the day I die, I did not kill my wife, there is just no way, there would be some proof I would think, if I really did it, and there is no proof," Truman said.

Conrad Truman said his wife Heidy accidentally shot herself while getting out of the bathtub inside their home.

"Listen to me please, I cannot say sorry for something I did not do and I will not say sorry, it is not my fault she shot herself," Truman said.

Truman said the investigation was botched and his trial was a big injustice. He also said accusations, by Heidy's family, of domestic violence toward his wife, are not true.

"I love and will continue to love Heidy Truman she was my best friend I liked her a lot and I loved her a great deal more,” Truman said.

Outside the courtroom, it was hugs and tears of relief among Heidy's family, but also disappointment over what Truman had said.

"He not only went up there to assassinate my sister who is innocent in every single way but to assassinate everyone who loved her and including himself by his own words -- Conrad is his own worst enemy," said Amanda Wagner, Heidy’s sister.

The family said they are most upset about what Truman didn't do in court.

"He never cried, through this moment that he relived, this moment where she was dying and choking on her blood, how could that not make anybody hurt," Wagner said.

"He has never shown any remorse. It's always been about him, and how sad and how hard it is for him," said Janet Wagner, Heidy’s mother.




    Conrad Truman’s defense was that his wife shot herself as she was getting out of the bathtub. Yeah, I always take a handgun with me when I shower. Doesn’t everybody?

  • Revoir

    Seems pretty scary you can be locked up for life with no evidence against you. Burden of proof lies with the state. They don’t have any. A life insurance policy is not proof of murder.
    This man is too smart to do something so stupid. He’s an automated electronics engineer, who worked at Micron, specializing in toxic gas management, an escape of that gas could kill the whole factory and half of Orem and Lehi.
    It’s real professional how the state belittled Mr. Trumans attorney during trial also. It was the most ridiculous thing ive ever witnessed.
    Frankly Mr. Truman was arrested for telling the police to shove off after they repeatedly harassed him for almost a whole year to fess up to something he didn’t do. Showing up at his work, harassing while pumping gas, following him around grocery stores, etc..
    The establishment don’t like to be told to shove off, so they did what they wanted after getting mad.
    The SS and KGB would be proud of our new governments ability to do what it pleases and dupe the public into thinking justice prevails in our courts today.
    Don’t believe courts are a fraud? Try to record the ridiculousness in a court room, a public space mind you, you be told you can’t. The judge will tell you he/she is the law and won’t allow it. You may be fed some BS laws about filming, but those laws are for media, not citizens. When you ask to see the law your violating, they forcibly remove you.
    It’s scary times for our country.


      Have you ever slipped and fell while holding a handgun as you were getting out of the bathtub REVOIR? A towel in one hand and a gun in the other? Really? How does that work?


      Ted Bundy also professed his innocence …. right up until he started confessing his murders in an effort to delay his execution.

    • Hardtale

      revoir is obviously a member of conrats family most likely his sister. to compare the Orem PD to the KGB and the SS is so far beyond ridiculous there are no words to describe it

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