Judge: Kearns mom accused of tossing newborn in trash is incompetent to stand trial

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SALT LAKE CITY - A judge ruled Monday the Kearns mother accused of tossing her newborn in the garbage is not competent to stand trial.

This ruling means 23-year-old Alicia Englert will not stand trial for attempted murder.

Englert admitted putting her newborn in a neighbor's trash just days after she gave birth, without her parents knowing.

That neighbor heard what she thought might be a cat stuck in the trash and found a baby when she looked inside.

Englert was arrested shortly after and the baby is now about 5 months old.

The Kearns mother was allowed a farewell visit with the baby who is now with a foster family.

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  • ramrod 58

    She should move to Hollywood and be an actress because she knows how to act, I remember seeing her pictures at an evening party in her party clothes out partying.

  • Kilraa

    I agree with Ramrod 58. She’s a great actor and should be in Hollywood. Just because she mentally challenged to a point, she knew what she was doing was wrong and now she got away with it.


        This story doesn’t speak well about the character or human decency of the male who impregnated her. Your hate and bigotry BOB stems from your inability to relate to women.


        This story doesn’t speak well about the character or human decency of the male who impregnated her. Your hate and bigotry BOB stems from your inability to relate to women.

        Speak well about the character of the male? So the male is the one who threw the baby away in the trash? The male is the one who goes out clubbing, posting pictures on facebook of it all. The male has an account on 5 seperate dating sites, including facebook? So it’s okay for this woman to competently party, socialize, and throw a baby in the trash but not to stand trial.

        You are what is wrong with the world.

  • Trish

    How sickening. She’s clearly a danger to herself and others – does this mean they will lock her up in some facility and forcibly medicate her and possibly even remove her uterus so she never has the opportunity to do something this heinous again?!?

    What’s wrong with the State of Utah? They just gave this filth a free pass and they pleaded with Stephanie Sloop – what kind of message does this send to child abusers?

    • bob

      It sends the same message that the other 49 states send when they do the same thing: Woman are not equal. They are perpetual children who cannot be held to adult standards.

      You can thank feminism for that.

      • Trish

        Women are not perpetual children in any larger of a percentage than men. I just read the article that stated this mentally retarded individual has an IQ of 51. A man with an IQ of 51 would never be able to manage his mormon woman farm, either. Not that I’m making excuses for this stupid monster or the family that clearly enabled her, allowing her to run around clearly pregnant – there were photos posted on her social media – without questioning what she was doing. If they knew their spawn was mentally retarded to that degree, why would they not have done their due diligence as parents? Why the partying? Why the lack of supervision? I know mental health services are hard to come by, but for an individual with an IQ of 51, they are a necessity and the State has programs and services available. Clearly this woman is a danger to herself and others – as evidenced by the callous way she discarded her infant – and clearly she knew right from wrong, as evidenced by the lies she told to cover up her actions. If you don’t know right from wrong, you don’t feel compelled to lie about the things that you’ve done that are wrong.

        This woman’s problems don’t stem from feminism – they stem from generations of Utah mormon inbreeding – and a patriarchal, keeping problems behind closed doors society where people pretend to be perfect when they are really being molested, abused and inbred to the point of being 51 IQ functionless adults.

  • Joseph

    Of course they did…
    So she gets away with attempted murder. No punishment for her ar her actions, where us the justice in this decision?
    Just another sad day in the Utah justice system.

  • bob

    Another step backward from true equality. Congratulations, ladies. Once again our system demonstrates that you are children, and cannot be held responsible for your actions.

  • Jack Wraith

    It’s way past time to put birth control in the municipal water supply. This girl should never have had a child. In fact, Ms. Englert’s parents shouldn’t have given birth to her.

  • Tony

    Mentally incompetent? Come on,let’s get real. The woman knew enough to spread her legs for the guy and now she’s not able to comprehend her actions? Leave it to the state of Utah and shady attorney’s to get her off. It just makes me wonder how much time will pass before she does this same thing again.

  • jen

    I certainly hope that she is on her way to get spayed so this can never happen again. next time the baby might not be so lucky.

    • Trish

      It’s the unfortunate spawn of a troll with the IQ of a head of lettuce – certainly this baby wasn’t lucky either.

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