‘The Dopeman is out of business’: Oklahoma cops leave sign behind after bust

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By Andrew Donley

The story below is courtesy FOX 13 News sister station KFOR in Oklahoma, visit KFOR for updates and local coverage of this story.

WARR ACRES, OK (KFOR) -- Warr Acres police say they want citizens to know that they are cracking down on drug use in their town.

On Friday, officers arrested a Warr Acres resident for allegedly running a drug house.

Even though the alleged drug dealer was already off the streets, they say they wanted their presence to be felt by his customers.

Image courtesy KFOR via CNN.

Image courtesy KFOR via CNN.

Authorities decided to use a different technique to get their point across.

The department's message came in the form of a note.

"The dope man is out of business. If you have any questions contact Warr Acres Police 789-3329," it read.

Police say this type of criminal activity won't be tolerated in their community.


  • Ivan

    The authorities are fools if they really think this made any difference. Why don’t they crack down on the real crimes? I know the real crimes aren’t as profitable for the police departments that get to keep what they rob from drug dealers.

    • miles (dave)

      i cant help but to thing your upset about this drug bust because you like drugs. and im all for the police keeping any valuables they get from the busts, considering id bet the officers dont get a dime of it but i bet it still feels great knowing they now have more money to fight more drugs, and other crimes, besides selling and buying drugs is a “real crime”

      however i hope your not a druggy whose buying and selling drugs wasting your own time and abilities and encouraging others to do the same. and im hoping that i really just misunderstood what you said.


      Who would be stupid enough to screw up a perfectly good brain with illegal drugs of unknown strength or origin?

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