Charges filed against woman who allegedly stole car with child inside, sparked Amber Alert

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SALT LAKE CITY – Charges have been filed against a woman accused of stealing a car with a child inside, which resulted in an Amber Alert being issued Wednesday.

Rosealee Marie Key allegedly stole the vehicle from the parking lot of a 7-Eleven, and 3-year-old Bella Martinez was inside. The child was found later that day by a business owner who recognized the vehicle from the Amber Alert.

According to documents filed Friday, Key faces the following charges: Theft as a second-degree felony, child abuse involving physical injury as a class A misdemeanor, and use or possession of drug paraphernalia as a class B misdemeanor.

Key is scheduled to appear in court February 11. Bail is set at $25,000.


  • bob

    Good thing for her she’s LGBT or Sim Gill would have charged her with kidnapping. (Since that’s what she did.)

    Liberals stick together.

    • Marjorie Jones Cooke

      Actually, Bob, one of the caveats to gaining a conviction for certain crimes is intent. In order to gain a conviction for kidnapping, Gill would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Key INTENDED to kidnap a child. She did not intend to kidnap a child. She intended to steal a car, which is what she has been charged with. The fact that she may or may not be LGBT has nothing to do with it.

      Prosecutors tend to file charges for which they feel they have evidence to gain a conviction. It’s kinda their job.

      • bob

        These “accidental kidnappings” happen all the time, and I’ve never heard of one where the thief wasn’t charged with kidnapping. Prosecutors routinely over-charge and then negotiate down later. There have been many well-publicized cases in which the thief realized he had a kid in the car and called the cops himself, but they were ALWAYS charged (initially) with kidnapping.

        At this stage of the game you charge them with everything it could conceivably have been. THEN decide whether or not tot-snatching was the intent.

        Plus, this one took the kid and then abandoned her to her fate. That’s extra low.

        What kind of prosecutor just ASSUMES there was no intent? Did he ask her? Be realistic.

      • bob

        This one will be plea bargained down to a wrist slap, and if she serves a day in jail it’ll be a miracle.

        I’m personally acquainted with Sim Gill’s attitude toward charging members of certain groups with what they actually did. He’s a flaming liberal. Meanwhile, he sent the Stormtroopers to force their way into former AG Mark Shurtleff’s home and terrorize his teenage daughter with guns…….because he had a warrant to look at Shurtleff’s files. That’s a matter for knocking politely and showing the warrant, not for stacking up at the door in black uniforms and armor and running inside yelling and pointing guns at children.

        Gill is a menace. He uses his office to pursue political vendettas while doing everything he can to avoid putting anyone his liberal mind considers “special” in prison. Woe betide the straight, white, married conservative male who crosses his path! But actual criminals, who endanger and victimize the public? He acts like THEY are the victims, and handles them so apologetically it’s pathetic to watch.

  • Victoria Cordero

    Dad left the keys in the car and the car running. I imagine she was thinking more like taking a joy ride, not kidnapping a child. Seems very much like a crime of opportunity. Seems negligent of dad to leave the kid in the car with the car running and unlocked. What are parents thinking when they do that? Oh wait, I don’t think they are 😔


      You said it yourself: It was a CRIME of opportunity. If it doesn’t belong to you keep your hands off of it.


    In some countries they cut off a thief’s right hand. Where they eat out of a communal bowl with their right hands and clean their rear ends with their left there are grave social consequences.

  • Brian

    So, taking a child away from the family is not kidnapping? Are you serious? I never intended to take your child away, just meant to steal your car. Child not hurt, no crime done. That is a very sick and twisted way of thinking, whether she “intended” to commit the crime or not. Sorry I shot your mother during the drive-by, didn’t “intend” to, so I didn’t commit murder. Hey Marjorie, sure wish there were more like you. Not one single person would be in prison, for anything, if they just said they didn’t “intend” to. Liberals, you have to hate them. And yes Bob, they stick together like scum on a pond.

  • Responsible parent

    Why is nobody else outraged that the idiot father was too lazy to pop his precious daughter from her car seat to run into the convenience store?!? You NEVER leave your young children unattended! I would like to see the father ordered to take parenting classes.

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