Video: Pilot reassures passengers after getting locked out of cockpit during flight

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Passengers on a Delta flight recently had an unusual experience midair when their pilot announced he had been locked out of the cockpit of the aircraft, and a passenger captured footage of the pilot reassuring those aboard.

The pilot was reportedly locked out after the door to the cockpit door jammed, and the co-pilot was trapped on the other side. A passenger said the pilot told them he had been locked out after leaving the cockpit to use the restroom. The co-pilot was able to safely land the plane, which was carrying 160 people. See the video above for footage of the pilot addressing passengers as well as details regarding the incident. The plane was traveling from Minneapolis to Las Vegas.


  • Nene

    What good does it do, for passengers to go through TSA and have the pilot come out to use the bathroom, what if there are bad people that made it through TSA he is a sitting duck. Pilots need their own entrance from the cockpit, that is secured! I have seen this on way to many flights. I have seen the pilot and the copilot come out at the same time, on a Southwest flight, in October 2014. It is scary !


      Back in a more civilized day there was no need for the TSA or a a locked door into the cockpit. How much do you think there is in a cockpit to allow for a second entrance leading to the bathroom?

    • bob

      Clearly Nene has never been in an airplane before. “Their own entrance…..” Aside from the fact that there is no room for a secret tunnel, who else does Nene think is going in and out of cockpits anyway?

      The whole “barricaded doors” thing is absurd to begin with. Pilots MUST be able to get in and out. They need to use the bathroom just like anyone else, and on really long flights they trade off with other pilots. If a bad guy wants to get in there he only has to wait for the door to open.

      Pilots with GUNS is the answer. Our lives are in their hands all the time anyway. We trust them with a jet but not a pistol? I don’t understand the logic.

    • Feisty

      Really, they didn’t come out at the same time. You are so observant that you didn’t notice the jumpseater that was also upfront did you.

  • bob

    All mechanical systems are subject to failure. When we decided that cockpit doors must be lockable we made this sort of thing possible. And anything that is possible is inevitable.

    There was never any danger. The co-pilot was a little busier than usual. But co-PILOTS are not trainees. They handle half the takeoffs and landings anyway.

    His biggest concern was probably if HE needed to sit on the toilet he couldn’t do so.

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