2 juveniles arrested after string of vandalism, thefts at Saratoga Springs school

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah – Two juveniles have been arrested and booked on multiple charges in connection with several incidents of vandalism and burglary at a school in Saratoga Springs, and the current damages are estimated to be more than $4,000.

According to a press release from the City of Saratoga Springs, the two juveniles were arrested and booked Saturday in connection with three separate incidents that occurred at Sage Hills Elementary School during the month of January.

The press release states that suspects allegedly broke into the school the night of January 5 or the early morning of January 6 and committed acts of vandalism.

On The night of the 25th or morning of the 26th, suspects broke into the same school and committed acts of vandalism, theft and graffiti. Kindle Fire tablets were among the stolen items, and the graffiti included the statement: “7 days down.”

On the night of the 26th or morning of the 27th, suspects broke into the school and again acts of vandalism, theft and graffiti occurred. Speakers were among the stolen items, and the graffiti included the statement “6 days down.”

The press release states the damages are currently estimated at $4,200. The two juvenile suspects were identified through leads generated by the investigation—which included installing surveillance cameras and additional lighting at the school while also increasing patrols. The press release stated the investigation is ongoing.

The suspects have so far only been identified as being juvenile males.

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    Since they are juveniles their parents will get stuck with the bill to clean up after these mental giants. Feeding these boys pablum while being held in juvenile detention would help take the edge off their aggressive attitudes.

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