Video: Boyfriend caught on camera running over pregnant girlfriend with car

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HOLIDAY, Fla. – A pregnant woman is recovering in the hospital after deputies said her boyfriend allegedly her with his car.

The hit-and-run was caught on home surveillance cameras and witnesses watched in horror as the car barreled straight for the woman. 

“He hits her, right, dead on,” witness Pete Rijos told WFLA.  “She went flying on the hood and her legs hit her face, hit the floor, she did a couple of turns and she landed on her butt.”

Officials said it happened in broad daylight and witnesses said they watched the driver, 33-year-old Justin Colby, simply walk away.

Colby is now facing two counts of attempted murder because his girlfriend, 32-year-old Crystal Noordhuizen, is pregnant.

The video shows Noordhuizen crossing the street when a white Dodge swerves onto the shoulder, hits the woman and then crashes into a pole.

Then the car appears to back up and then the driver gets out and casually walks down the street.

Jessica Austin lives near the accident and told WFLA what she saw.

“All I could hear was, him screaming ‘oh no, oh no, oh no,’ and I ran outside and he was running out and he’s like, ‘I know I’m going to jail, I know I’m going to jail,’ and I started screaming at him, ‘You can’t run away, you can’t run away!'”

Deputies said Colby went back to his house and then left on a motorcycle.

He turned himself in Monday night and a judge set bail at $500,000.

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  • brian

    It is all caught on tape, yet the article says he “alledgedly”, what the hell is wrong with these journalists

  • bob

    If I’m on the jury he’s guilty of ONE count, not two. The Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law, and mothers get to kill their babies legally. Therefore, fathers should be able to as well.

    I never understand these “charged with killing the fetus” things. If it’s a PERSON then abortion is murder. If it’s not a person then it can’t be “murdered.” You don’t get to switch back and forth arbitrarily.


      I really don’t think running over your pregnant girlfriend is “legal” and therefore your logic is flawed. I suspect that you see the difference Bob.

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