Utah physicians say pollution linked to numerous neurological issues

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Physicians for Healthy Environment held a panel discussion at the Salt Lake City Library Thursday night on the topic of 'How Pollution Harms Your Brain'.

Five physicians shared research that links numerous neurological issues to spikes in pollution.

They said Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease, strokes and ADHD are all linked to pollution. Their presentation also included information about cities around the world which have decreased their pollution levels and subsequently improved public health.

Another presentation is planned for Thursday, February 5, on the topic of 'Air Pollution and Pregnancy'. It will take place at the Salt Lake City Library at 7 p.m. in the 4th Floor Conference Room.

Utah Physicians for Healthy Environment organized both presentations to coincide with the current legislative session. They have also invited state lawmakers to attend the "Clean Air. No Excuses" rally this coming Saturday at the Utah State Capitol at noon.


  • Pabllibre

    They left out Autism. That’s the only known risk factor Utah has that begins to explain the extreme rates of Autism in the populated valleys of Northern Utah.

    • bob

      I’m the parent of one of those kids, and I’ve been following the issue for 18 years. The answer isn’t “air pollution”. The answer is “public funding” and the effect it has on the DEFINITION of “autism.” Utah has stepped up to spend a huge amount of money on identifying autism and on early intervention programs, and it’s no coincidence that the rate of diagnosis has increased to use up the available funding.

      Autism is no more prevalent than it ever was. There is no “epidemic.”

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