This powerful domestic violence Super Bowl ad will give you goosebumps

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  • BOB

    What’s even more disgusting is the women who have children who observe the abuse and learn from their mother’s response that it’s acceptable. My wife wouldn’t tolerate abuse for much more than about 1 split second, and I can’t in my wildest imagination picture myself hitting her.

    • Grey

      I am trying to make sense of the abuse I am in. I do have the support I need. read my comment below. yes I have the courage to speak up here when it’s anonymous. I am afraid. He is an officer. You guys need more training in domestic violence. especially covering for one another. My mind is blank. I feel fear. even from you because I know you will protect your own. brother in blue.

      • La Belle Vie

        Hi Grey, YES he will always be that way. A shelter is better for you and your kids. Call them for help: National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) Also, you should be able to go to the courthouse on Monday and get an emergency restraining order. (If the judge doesn’t grant it, there is no official notice sent to him.) When I got my order, I had a representative from the States Attorneys office who represented me for free in court. The whole process is free. Get all important paperwork together like mortgage paperwork, bank statements, kids school records, tax forms, keys, car info, medications, etc. Also, make sure to to take enough of what you need for your kids; ie diapers, formula, their favorite teddy bear, etc.

        I was raped by a police office and yes, they cover for each other. Go to the States Attorney and the County Sheriff. Don’t even bother with your local department. The element of surprise is important for you. Good luck.

    • Grey

      I do not have much support. from family or anyone. we are isolated. Do you think I want to live in a shelter? I am trying together what I can so that won’t be an option for my kids and I. Do you think he always this way? I will get out. I can barely get my thoughts together sometimes. so far my kids not witnessed anything, I am afraid what will happen when I try to leave.

  • Grey

    It’s not easy to leave. especially when you’re with a cop. and he won’t let you leave the house, there were his officer friends outside and they couldn’t hear. They left, I wasn’t able to get out. There were times when cops came and they let it go because he didn’t leave a mark. They are trained not to leave marks. They are trained in many things. I can’t describe the feeling when there are cops all around and you have no power. I can’t say more, except it is hard to seek help because of judgements of the victims. I don’t know about regular domestic violence. but DV with an officer is confusing and scary. I don’t see a way out but I am searching.


      Hopefully you don’t have children. If you CHOOSE to stay in an abusive relationship you should have your tubes tied to you don’t raise children in that abusive environment.

    • La Belle Vie

      It sounds like your local police department is failing to do its job. Contact the States Attorney. Document everything. Get away to a shelter please if you have no other options. You do not deserve this. You are a human being who deserves to live in a peaceful environment.

      Don’t listen to the Bobs. They are irrelevant. I believe you and the judge will believe you. Stand firm. You can do this!

  • melody morris

    my exhusband shot me in the chest with a 20 gauge shotgun…took out a life insurance prior…he wont be coming back…the sad part he never went to jail..yep …said it was a accident…thats our justice system…if he is verbal or physicaly abusive GET OUT!!! he will try to kill you sooner or later

  • matt

    Here is a not so widely known fact… women aren’t the only victims in domestic violence, men can be, and have been victims as well.

  • La Belle Vie

    One thing I like about this ad is they show a nice suburban home. Domestic violence happens across all socioeconomic levels and to people of all levels of education. Never in my worst nightmare did I think it could happen to me. I have a double Masters and had great, loving parents. My ex was a professional.

    I do wish that they showed how the cycle of domestic violence is and that it goes gradually from denigrating words to physical abuse, as well as sexual and financial abuse.

  • Mel Daly

    Around the millennium newspapers were already reporting that unethical divorce lawyers were recommending use of the restraining order and domestic violence process in order to obtain better distribution of assets and custody of the children in messy break ups. It is likely that tens of thousands of men have been falsely labeled abusers by a legal system intent on increasing its business. DV is no laughing matter but neither is women misusing the process created to protect them EN MASSE. Women who use or misuse the process are rewarded with free housing, free food, and if there are children free medical care by the state. The family court system has created VICTIMS INC. down there at your local courthouse. The family courts do not care if cases are false more cases translates into bigger budgets, higher staffing levels, and more prestige for administrators. There is almost never any repercussion for someone who files a phony case in criminal, civil, or family court. The courts don’t care they want the caseload. THE AMERICAN LEGAL SYSTEM IS CREATING MASS SOCIOPATHY IN OUR CULTURE.

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