Man accused of exposing hospital labor and delivery unit to measles

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FRESNO, Cali. – Authorities are working to contain the measles outbreak that is continuing to spread west.

Officials said the latest incident is in Fresno where a man is accused of exposing an entire labor and delivery unit to measles.



  • Mimi

    I know people technically have the right not to get vaccinated, but people that don’t get vaccinated and then expose vulnerable babies and women should be held accountable. You don’t have the right to put others lives and safety at risk.

  • Sherry

    Isn’t this the same concept of the use of weapons of mass destruction? If this was a purposeful or even a negligent act, it should be severely punished as a deterrent to others. This is surely criminal behavior. People like myself depend on the “herd immunity”. When this is violated, we are at risk.

  • Anonymous To Protect Wife's Job

    My wife is a nurse in the NICU at that hospital and the man actually visited the NICU which is even worse… Not only did he expose those tiny helpless babies, but he exposed our famiky as well because she didn’t know until after she was already home. In his defense he is from Mexico and probably couldn’t afford to be vaccinated, but still, why would you go visit babies when you are obviously sick?

  • BOB

    Are the illegal aliens we allow to freely enter our country vaccinated, and do any of them have diseases that would prevent them from entering our country legally?

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