Alcohol-fueled fight ends with Utah man biting off friend’s nose

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Quinn Randalle Parrish - Iron County Sheriff's Office

Quinn Randalle Parrish – Iron County Sheriff’s Office

CEDAR CITY, Utah – A fight between friends ends with one biting off the other man’s nose in Cedar City.

Officials arrested 30-year-old Quinn Randalle Parrish after he allegedly bit and chewed through his friend’s nose during an intoxicated scuffle.

The Iron County Sheriff’s Office said officers found the victim severely beaten with his nose nearly severed from his face.

Deputies said the man’s nose was only “attached by a small piece of skin.”

The victim told officers he had been drinking with Parrish at his house near Main St. and 1925 N. before the fight.

Officers said Parrish told them he didn’t remember biting off his friend’s nose but said he was very drunk and “used all force necessary to survive.”

Parrish also admitted he had marijuana and several pipes.

He’s now facing numerous charges for assault, mayhem and drug possession.


  • Jack what did you say?

    Jack Torrence, is a racist! A rain dance really, where in this did it say he was native? huh? Your so ignorant its showing, you should be ashamed..

    • Jack Torrence

      In no way was I being racist. In a more in depth article about this on KSL they listed the suspects full name as Quinn “Chief Bite ’em” Parrish and talked about the importance of a severed nose in authentic rain dances.

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