Ryan Bundy arrested after allegedly resisting arrest in Cedar City

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CEDAR CITY, Utah – Police in Iron County booked Ryan Bundy, son of controversial Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, into jail this week after the man allegedly attempted to resist arrest when officers approached him about an outstanding warrant.

According to information from the Iron County Sheriff’s Office, 42-year-old Cedar City resident Ryan Bundy was at the Iron County Justice Court Tuesday regarding a separate case. Police approached Bundy about a warrant, but the man did not comply.

According to Iron County officials, “When told about the warrant Mr. Bundy both verbally and physically resisted the deputies’ attempts to take him into custody. Deputies were able to overcome his resistance and arrested Mr. Bundy.”

Bundy was booked into the Iron County Jail on the existing warrant, which was for interfering with an officer (animal), and on a new charge of resisting arrest.

The Bundy family made national headlines during a dispute over cattle grazing fees on BLM controlled land in Nevada, and the federal officials’ attempts to follow through on a court order to seize the Bundy’s cattle were met with armed resistance.

A standoff ultimately resulted in federal officials backing down and releasing the cattle they had seized. Like-minded individuals from many places had traveled to the Bundy’s ranch for the controversy, which was viewed by some as a rallying cry against what they perceive as federal overreach. Some of those who gathered were part of that armed standoff.

Ryan Bundy also attended a land use protest in which people rode all-terrain vehicles in Utah’s Recapture Canyon—which is closed to ATV access. Click here for details. Several of those who carried out that protest now face charges for their actions.


    • bob

      The Federal government’s authority is defined, and limited, by the Constitution.

      Show me where the Fed has the authority to own the physical land within any state. When you fail (and you will) I’ll show you where the Constitution makes specific exceptions for a National Capitol and for military reservations.

      Then I’ll direct your attention to the Bill of Rights. Specifically, in this case, the 10th Amendment.

      Educate yourself. Clive Bundy did not break any laws. He holds a grazing permit from the State of Nevada, which is the legal authority over that public land.

      • Val

        That’s right, he holds a grazing permit…not the deed. Since he doesn’t own the land, he does need to pay his “rent” on it which he didn’t do for 20 years. Yep, state ownership vs. federal ownership is a black and white issue. That’s why some western states have been debating this issue with the Feds for decades! And regardless of this issue, yes, I think he taught his children to be just like him!

      • Val

        Nope, not a “lib”, just a person with a brain and a little common sense. Nope, not stupid, and I won’t call you stupid either. I’m wise enough to realize that people can have differing opinions without name calling. Maybe you someday you’ll grow up a little and realize that, too.

  • Ron Curnutt

    Talk about federal overreach how about Local Sheriff overstepping authority.. Just because you have a badge waiting to seize a guy coming out of court..Little to much..

  • sp

    When you have an outstanding warrant, you get arrested. How is Bundy being persecuted? The Bundy family are all above the law, why?

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