BYU groping suspect could escape criminal charges

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Nathan Fletcher appears in court in July 2014. He is accused of groping women on or near the Brigham Young University campus.

PROVO, Utah — A man accused of groping women on or near Brigham Young University last year won’t face criminal conviction if he abides by an agreement reached with prosecutors to stay out of trouble for 18 months, according to court documents released Tuesday.

Nathan Fletcher, 23, must follow the terms of a diversion agreement, which will be in effect for a period of 18 months. He is ordered to complete a psychosexual evaluation and polygraph exam, court documents indicate.

Fletcher was charged with two counts of sexual battery, class A misdemeanors, after he allegedly groped women while he jogged on or around the BYU campus.

After an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the offenses and Fletcher’s background, the courts determined it would be in the best interest of justice to enter into the diversion agreement, documents stated.

Fletcher is also ordered to complete all recommended counseling, if any, that the psychosexual evaluation recommends, the court documents indicate.

If Fletcher fails to comply with the terms of the agreement, his pleas may be submitted to the court, according to court documents.

Read the full court document below:

Fletcher diversion agreement




  • Claire Sherwood

    Hope his wife knows that as a married man & chem lab assistant, he was asking freshman chem lab students out on dates. Our daughter said “no” & exited quickly ASAP. Honor code violation?!Tell us he can no longer attend BYU PLEASE!! He’s NOT WORTHY.

    • Abby D

      As a female student who was in his class, I can tell you that he was always respectful and always talked about how awesome his wife was. Asking a girl out as a married man is definitely not something he would’ve done, so it sounds like your daughter was making stuff up to get attention.

      • Mimi

        Just because he put on a good act in class doesn’t mean he wasn’t a sick perv. I was married to someone that even now puts on a really great show of what a great guy he is but only those of us who really know him know what he’s really like. That was a crappy thing to say Abby.

      • Shut up

        Dear God. What is I wrong with you? He was respectful eh? You don’t think he would have asked anyone out because he’s a respectful husband? Wait- how about all the girls he sexually assaulted. This man is disgusting and so are you if you’re defending him “because he seemed respectful in class”.

  • Pat

    I’m very disappointed with this decision. I can’t imagine being the victims, knowing he walks away with just a slap on the wrist.

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