Raw Video: Police release surveillance video after clown-masked suspects rob restaurant

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McdonaldsTAYLORSVILLE, Utah - Authorities have released surveillance video of clown-masked suspects caught on camera robbing a Taylorsville McDonald's restaurant.

Unified Police are searching for two armed suspects accused of holding up a fast-food restaurant while wearing very distinguishing masks Jan. 22.

Officials were called about the robbery just before midnight when two suspects walked into the McDonald’s at 4712 S. Redwood Rd.

Police said the suspect wearing a black ski mask took the manager to the back of the restaurant and demanded money.

The other suspect, wearing a clown mask, stayed at the front of the restaurant and threatened several customers who were eating. Mcdonalds(2)

Officers said the pair escaped out the back door after getting the money.

Authorities said the money in the cash registers up front was left untouched.

Police said the gunman is a tall, thin Hispanic or African American man who was wearing a ski mask and a black hoodie with a leather jacket on top.

The other suspect with the clown mask, also a Hispanic or African American man, was wearing a black hoodie and gloves.

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