Video from urban explorer offers creepy tour through abandoned mall

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WARNING: The video above contains at least one instance of profanity.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — An urban explorer filmed some footage in an abandoned mall in St. Louis, Missouri and the resulting video with a creepy vibe is going viral.

YouTube user “BackyardExploration” made the trip through the Jamestown Ball, which FOX 13 News sister station FOX 2 in St. Louis reports closed in July of 2013.

The man behind the camera offers a hushed play-by-play commentary as he looks through the abandoned mall, noting broken glass and left over merchandise. At one point he finds a bed, and says it looks like someone is living there.

See the video above for the tour through the abandoned mall, which the YouTube user states is still powered and alarmed. He warns people against trespassing there. The video was posted in December of 2014.


  • Jackie Martin

    Very interesting. Does St.Louis have a homeless population that needs housing? This could be turned into housing for the homeless. Easily. That would be my first idea on what to do with it. Something to think of. I am sure someone is paying the electric bills on this building. Isn’t it strange that the flora and fauna is still thriving without any light and it must be being watered electronically. Interesting. Something to think of. All that furniture could be donated, or sold off. The left over merchandise could also be sold off to offset some of the cost of making housing for the homeless, Some one could also make apartments out of all this space. Hate to see it go to waste.

  • bob

    I used to do a bit of that kind of “exploring” back in the day. There were ways into the maintenance tunnels under the Harris Fine Arts building at BYU. You could even get all the way under the building onto the bare dirt. And into the actual museum itself, if you were so inclined. A friend discovered a student living in the tunnels once, who couldn’t afford to live in the dorms. He’d shower in the locker room where dancers prepared for performances. Had quite the little apartment set up for himself under the building, complete with electricity he’d tapped into. (Mid 1980s.)

    We’d also get into the Cottonwood Mall in the wee hours too, and would drop through the ceiling into various stores just for fun. Never stole anything, I hasten to add. Once we dropped into Massey’s Jewelers. Imagine how quickly and quietly we got out of THERE! Not a place you want to get caught in.

  • John O'Brien

    I think this is complete BS. A Mall in a huge city like St. Louis?? Hardly. the only way a mall or store or whatever would look like it WAS completely abandoned would be if there were a nuclear fall out, earthquake, tornado, etc. If a mall is going to close, i think the parent companies of the business within that mall would come in and make a total clearance of the place.

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