Father of bullies fired after Minnesota man takes Snapchat harassment of his daughter into his own hands

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WARNING: The video below contains video recordings of Snapchat messages and voice mails containing profanity, racial slurs and anti-gay slurs. The father also briefly uses profanity while describing the person who used/defended the use of those slurs. Viewer discretion is advised.

MINNESOTA – A video posted by a Minnesota father has gathered more than 4 million views in less than a week, and the obviously emotional man is speaking out against bullying after his African-American daughter received hateful and racist messages on Snapchat.

When the father confronted the father of the bullies, the father of the bullies defended his children’s actions and said the incident wasn’t a big deal.  The video above includes two hostile voice mails from the father of the bullies, who KMSP FOX 9 in Minneapolis-St. Paul reports lost his job two days after the father’s video was posted online.

In the video, Brad Knudson explains that his adopted daughter, who is African American, began receiving bullying messages over Snapchat from two twins who are freshmen at a nearby school. He said after the third or fourth message, he and his wife recorded one of the messages using another phone. During that video, the teens use various slurs that included the “N” word.

Knudson said he tried to contact the parents of the teens and even tried going to their home, but couldn’t reach anyone. Then he contacted police about the incident, explaining that close friends of his family had recently lost their son—who committed suicide after being bullied.

“It dawned on me that I cannot have this hanging over us, and my daughter thinking the worst and something could happen,” Knudson said in the video of his decision to take the issue public.

Police talked to school officials, and the kids believed to be behind the bullying were talked to by police stationed at Prior Lake High School, as were the parents. The parents gave a cell phone number, and when Knudson called the family he said the twins’ father said it wasn’t a big deal and it was the sort of thing he did as a child.

In the YouTube video, Knudson plays two voice mails that he said he received after he argued with the twins’ father. The twins’ father can be heard calling him a “N—— lover” and a “F—–“, among other things.

Knudson said he felt he had to respond to one of those slurs.

He says in the video: “So I called him back, and I said, ‘Well yeah, that’s a correct statement. I am an N lover because I have a beautiful African American daughter who I love more than life itself and would do anything for her’ and said a few more choice words to him and hung up on him.”

Knudson has reportedly received an outpouring of support since posting the video, and the twins and their father have reportedly apologized. The father lost his job just two days after the video was posted, KMSP reports.

Knudson said in the video he just wanted the twins and their father “to own it” when it comes to their actions.

Click here for more details and local coverage of this story from KMSP.


  • zoe kayu

    Wow! the twins Dad is a textbook loser waste of life. Maybe this is the only way his twin brats will learn what’s really up cause they aren’t learning anything productive at home. When someone talks like that you can bet that is not a solo act of hatred and there are others, Hope he is investigated by whoever necessary cause those kids need to be removed if its not already to late.

    • bob

      You want the government to march in and take his kids? Really?

      Please provide a list of unauthorized opinions that you believe should result in loss of civil rights. If you insist that we live under tyranny you should at least give us a list so that we can stay in compliance.

      • BOB

        Nice to see that the father and his twin brats have apologized. Now that the father got himself fired he’ll have lots of time to reconsider his attitude.

  • Beatriz

    Wow amazing I’m glad and happy father stand up for his daughter…some people don’t have respect and then they expect there children to have respect to others remember education start in your home….Also I have a program called Priceless Princess were we help girls in the community and gift them prom dresses I would like to contact father to know when daughter graduates high school to give her a Prom Dress…thank you Beatriz

  • Milan Roska

    Bullies no matter the age should be dealt with harshly teachers won’t say but most are afraid of there own students. gym teachers like football coaches are the worst in my experience they pick there favorite players and tell them what other players to bully. I had a stepfather who beat me everyday until I was 16 and left so I went to school and did nothing I just sat there the teachers tried to discipline me but I was not your normal I would bully the teachers they knew what was going on with me but did not care the teachers are a big problem to stop bullying yt must start with the teachers cause they turn away and don’t want to get involved.

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