Utah Supreme Court says convicted cop killer loses right to lawyer after threats

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SALT LAKE CITY — The state’s top court has ruled convicted cop-killer Curtis Allgier has forfeited his right to an attorney after he “repeatedly engaged in extreme dilatory, disruptive, and threatening conduct” toward his lawyers.  

Allgier, a heavily tattooed white supremacist, is appealing his plea deal to murder in the death of corrections officer Stephen Anderson back in 2007.

The ruling handed down Friday by the Utah Supreme Court and obtained by FOX 13 detailed threats Allgier had made to his court-appointed counsel in the appeals process.

In a bar complaint Allgier filed against one attorney, the court said the inmate was “trying to be nice, but [would] resort to other means of removal if [the attorney thought] he could sell [Mr. Allgier] out. . . . he don’t want to learn how much I don’t give a damn.”

The court ruling said Allgier also stated of his lawyers:

“they [Mr. Allgier’s appointed attorneys] are the dumbest ass clowns I’ve ever had the EXTREME dishonorable displeasure of being forced to know were even somehow on the planet, let alone incompetently and ineffectively misrepresented by[,] and NEVER . . . will they have the honor of being in my Aryan GOD presence or having any kind of contact with me period!!”

Read the Utah Supreme Court ruling here:

In its ruling, the Utah Supreme Court ruled that forfeiting a constitutional right to an attorney is “an extreme measure.”

“We conclude that making threats to the welfare of appointed counsel may constitute extreme conduct justifying a forfeiture of counsel,” the ruling said.

The Utah Supreme Court declared Allgier was on his own for the limited remains of his appeal.


    • Dawn

      I agree that he’s a waste of taxpayer money, which is exactly why he needs to rot in prison for the rest of his life. To put someone to death is exponentially more expensive than letting them waste away in prison.

      • Anonymous

        Back to basics… Guillotine, an effective and painless death that utilizes no resources and if constructed properly, requires very little maintenance. Using expensive and hard to obtain drugs is just foolish.

  • Greg jacquart

    Steve Anderson was a friend and co worker. He was a very peace loving man. For this piece of Sh%t to have taken him from his family is unforgivable. No death penalty for this animal. He needs to be transferred out of state to Louisiana, Texas, somewhere he can show off his tattoos to the brothers and get an official opinion on his Aryan point of view.

  • whadoino

    Haven’t we seen the image of this murderer far too many times through the years? Next time he has a bad day in court, leave out the picture, please.

  • Matt

    What a freak! I once was in the prison for some LE training and we were taken by a series of cells including Curtis Allgier’s cell. He looked out as I passed by and I was about two feet from him. All I can say is that he wreaked of evil and his smile turned my stomach. He is a waste of time and money. There surely is a place in hell for him as that is the only place he deserves to be.

  • Disgusting

    The Supreme Court’s decision is a disgusting example of why their family tree needs to end. Here is to hoping that their children are unable to have children so that there won’t be future generations of such disgusting families.

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