Mother of man shot, killed by Saratoga Springs police faces 4 charges in separate case

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah -- The mother of Darrien Hunt, the 22-year-old man who was shot and killed by police last September, was in court herself Friday.

Susan Hunt is facing charges from a separate incident with Saratoga Springs police.

Susan Hunt shared hugs with family and friends before heading into the courtroom for what ended up being a short hearing. Hunt is facing four counts—three of them are misdemeanors while the fourth is an infraction. The counts stem from an incident that occurred last October.

Police allege Susan Hunt saw Saratoga Springs police officers who had pulled a motorist over at a Wal-Mart parking lot, which was near the area where Hunt’s son was shot and killed about six weeks prior to the October encounter.  Susan, apparently overcome with emotion, drove up to the scene and allegedly began to verbally berate and abuse the officers.

After police gave commands for her to leave the scene, Susan Hunt eventually drove away. The officers filed a report later, and Hunt was subsequently charged with disorderly conduct, failure to disperse, interference with an arresting officer and driving on a suspended license.

Hunt appeared Friday with her attorney, Ron Yengich, and they quickly asked the judge for more time to work out a resolution regarding the case. The case was continued until March 20.

Neither Hunt nor her attorney offered much in the way of comment when approached by FOX 13 News. Susan Hunt was formally arraigned for those four counts, and she pleaded not guilty to all charges.


  • Hyrum_Justice

    She needs an attorney to file a civil suit for wrongful death against the city and then maybe they will leave this poor person alone.


      Leave her alone?! You are mistaken, she is the one who INTERFERED with investigating officers of a completely separate incident. She deserves jail time.


      Your mommy may have let you get away with throwing temper tantrums but the police won’t. Your behavior dictates their response, and kissing your backsides isn’t on their list of options.

  • maxter

    Please, leave her alone, she should be able to speak her mind to the trained killers, what mother wouldn’t. She was so devastated that her son was murdered by law abiding trained killers.


      People have the right to freedom of speech but they DON’T have the right to interfere with a police officer. Should this woman be given special rights that nobody else has?

  • Brad

    She needs to be fined. But no jail time. People need to understand the cops want to go home after their shift to the wife and kids. If you come at me with a weapon I will sshoot you to.

  • Matt

    She made a decision to go an interrupt the officers performing a traffic stop. Upset or not she did things that resulted in her having charges brought against her. She will probably just get fined but it’s a tough way to learn a lesson. If she goes to jail then that’s the way it goes.

    As for her son, both Utah Code and a Supreme Court decision have justified the officer’s actions and everyone needs to move on. I believe that the family is considering filing a civil suit and that’s their right. Personally, I think it’s a huge waste of time and money because based upon the facts of the case no jury will find in their favor. Darrien Hunt was a drug addict and had other issues. That is a fact. Those issues and more will come out in the trial and then everyone will know who Darrien Hunt really was. I don’t think the family really wants that. The police did exactly what they should have based upon Hunt’s actions and the LAW.


    Perhaps Darrien Hunt got his attitude from watching his mother’s behavior. It is sad that Susan Hunt failed to teach her son how to behave in public. It could have saved his life.

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