A bill that shuts off the NSA Data Center’s water is back

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SALT LAKE CITY — A bill that would shut off the water and power for the National Security Agency’s massive data center in Bluffdale is back in the Utah State Legislature.

Rep. Marc Roberts, R-Santaquin, has reintroduced his bill that would cut off material support for the center. HB 150 directs the state or any contractors “to refuse support to any federal agency that collects electronic data within this state.”

The bill is being run in protest of the NSA’s electronic surveillance activities. Roberts introduced the bill last year and vowed to bring it back after it did not advance in the legislature.


  • BOB

    The bill doesn’t have ghost of a chance of passing. Perhaps Rep. Roberts should direct his energies on doing something more productive.

  • Barry Soetoro

    Best news I’ve seen off of this site in weeks. Everyone should be praying and doing whatever it takes to pass this bill. Stick it to the man, Utah!

  • Rick

    Do it. If we all lay down, roll over and play dead.. this government is going to destroy this country as we know it. And for all those that says ..oh never mind, wouldnt stand a chance of being passed… (BOB) .. forget it… its a good thing we dont all have that attitude. Or maybe thats part of your agenda Bob, discourage your fellow citizens.

    • bob

      Most of the citizens of the original 13 Colonies said, of the Revolutionaries, “Don’t bother. It can’t be done.” Only 1/3 of them said it COULD, and only 3% of them actually did something about it.

      That other Bob is a sheep.

  • bob

    Something has to be done. It took a bloody and violent revolution to secure our freedoms. If we give them away it’ll take another bloody and violent revolution to get them back.

    I don’t understand the attitude of people who don’t care that the government spies on them, and yet call themselves “Americans.” Real Americans understand that privacy is a basic human right. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve “got something to hide.” It comes down to the basic question of whether we’re presumed guilty, or presumed innocent. What the NSA and other government entities, all the way down to State and Local, are doing is to presume our GUILT. It’s a direct violation of the Constitution.

    This is not a free country, and won’t be until We the People insist that it be and force the issue. Just because OUR tyranny isn’t as oppressive as North Korea’s tyranny doesn’t mean it isn’t tyranny. We should set the bar higher than, “Well, at least it’s not as bad as THEY have it.”

    Dust off the Constitution, read it, understand it, and insist that OUR government conform to OUR Constitution. Let’s start by shutting off their water, and go from there.

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