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Big layoffs planned at eBay

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An eBay facility in Draper, Utah. Image courtesy eBay via Facebook.

By Katie Lobosco

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Big layoffs are coming to eBay.

The company is planning to slash 2,400 workers across the eBay and PayPal parts of the business. The cuts will impact 7 percent of the workforce.

The layoffs will be made before the end of March. It was not clear which areas would be impacted by the layoffs. The company has had a presence in Utah for more than 15 years, and in 2013 they built a facility in Utah that aimed to promote sustainability by using less energy and water while taking advantage of public transit. As of 2013, there were about 1,800 employees at the eBay facility in Draper and officials said at the time they expected to hire about 1,400 more employees for the facility in the next 20 years.

EBay said it was “simplifying organizational structures” in its quarterly earnings released Wednesday. A company spokesperson told CNNMoney that some of the cuts were to unfilled positions, but would not say how many.

ebay also said its profit rose 10 percent last quarter.

In September the company announced that it would be spinning off PayPal, its online payment service. That is expected to take place in the second half of 2015.

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  • jewby

    It is hard to believe that big corporations can just decide your fat, some of these people effected have been there 5- 15 years. Well believe this one is safe in corporate America anymore. ..there is no job security in our country. We are all part numbers that are replaceable. We are still slaves to our freedoms and liberties, go to school get in debt and then get a job in corporate America that barely pays you enough to make it, get married have kids, but a house now you have less freedom from financial stress and a job that will bring in another part number just to replace you because you make to much for being loyal for 10 plus years and a new college grad is cheaper to higher. The EXECUTIVE Still Get BI Bonuses AND The Middle Wage Get The axe.

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