Teen caught after posing as OB/GYN at hospital for month, fooling doctors

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Police say a teenager in Florida was “playing doctor” inside a real medical facility.

The teen, who posed as a doctor, was able to walk the halls of St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach.

Police say he wore a white coat with the St. Mary’s logo.

“I think it’s just crazy. I can’t believe he got away with it for a month,” Stacy Morales said.

The impostor was busted while wearing a stethoscope around his neck and a mask on his face.

At the time, he was in an examination room with a patient.

“He presented himself with a patient of our practice and introduced himself as Dr. Robinson,” Dr. Sebastian Kent said, an OB/GYN with St. Mary’s Medical Center.

According to the police report, the teen was inside the examination room with a patient when Dr. Kent conducted an exam.

“The first thing I thought was, ‘I am getting, I am really getting old because these young doctors look younger every year,” Dr. Kent said.

The real doctor called security, who then called police.

Even security guards around the hospital had seen him for weeks and believed he was someone who belonged there.

“I saw him outside our office building with policemen surrounding him. I believe they had him in handcuffs. There was quite a commotion,” Dr. Kent said.

The hospital said in a statement:

“The individual never had contact with any hospital patients and did not gain access to any patient care areas of the hospital at any time. The hospital immediately notified local authorities, who took the individual into custody, and we are cooperating with their ongoing investigation.”

The teen’s mother rushed to the scene, saying her son has an illness.

She said he had not been taking his medication.

Police and the hospital have decided not to charge the teen.


    • Sara

      Very good point! She knew he wasn’t taking his medication, so why was she not staying on top of where her unmedicated son was, especially if his actions could become dangerous to himself or others without his meds.

    • Candice

      If it was during the day…. maybe she thought he was in school? 17 sounds like a senior in HS to me. If he was supposed to be at school, WHERE was the school at when her CHILD was not in class?

  • Audrey

    Every hospital I have worked at, volunteered at or rotated through required a badge. Not just a white coat embroidered, but an actual photo ID or a “Guest tag” to be in plain view at all times. How did this kid get around a hospital for a month, security think he belonged there, and not be addressed, “Excuse me, where is your badge?”

    Without a badge, you’re a patient or a visitor for a patient.

    I have made the mistake of walking out of my office in the morning to grab a coffee without my badge on and I get “Excuse me, Ma’am, where is your badge?” Whoops….

  • Carrie

    He had contact; “At the time, he was in an examination room with a patient.” hmmm that seems like it to me BUT then again the hospital retracted that in this statement; The hospital said in a statement: “The individual never had contact with any hospital patients and did not gain access to any patient care areas of the hospital at any time. The hospital immediately notified local authorities, who took the individual into custody, and we are cooperating with their ongoing investigation.”

    All parties are at fault here! The hospital for not having better security. The mother knowingly allowed him to roam free off his medicine. Also What illness does this person have that he was able to get away with this? No one thought he was “odd”.

  • Paula

    Anyone who is blaming the mother knows nothing about cognitive impairments, mental illness and the laws that regard this. I really feel sorry for her. She has probably dealt with, coped with and been blamed with her child’s issues his entire life.

  • Jane D

    How can they assure you that he never was around patients if he was walking around for a month…nice way to try to cover up. And more importantly, why in the world did they not file charges? Because he has some unnamed disease per his mom?

  • clay

    Ha sent every teenage boy wanted at one time wanted to harmlessly examine someone’s baby cannon? He sounces perfectly normal to me.

  • Cindy Owens

    Why NOT charge the teen? That a special kind of stupid, not knowing this kid didn’t belong there for a full month. Willing to bet that he HAD seen patients. Stupid system.

  • tori

    To those denouncing his mental illness. There is a possibility a metal illness. A couple of them can change the mantal state to the point of one bbelieving that they are a doctor and that it is there job to go to the hospital and “help” people. The brain will ignore the fact that it knows nothing about its new profesion and continue to go on until it is switched out of the mental state. I know MPD has had cases like this many times. But not on an incident like this. I believe the mother should be charged with neglect. She knew he was un medicated and either missing or gone with no trace for long periods of time. A simple missing persons report could have stopped this.

  • Gina

    I work in the medical field and I cannot comprehend how any physician with their level of intelligence could not see this person couldn’t possibly be a doctor if he is a teen. I do not agree that he should not have been charged. The women that were exposed to him in the OB/GYNs office should press charges against him and St. Mary’s Clinic. Is this what women are going to have to fear now is that people can get access to their chart and possibly to them in a vulnerable situation and get away with it. Shame on the police and St. Mary’s. This is unacceptable.

  • Dana

    ”Scuse me, but if he was in a room with an actual MD and a patient, he was in a patient care area. On top of that, I’ve been in a few hospitals in my 41 years and especially in the last 15-20 years, more and more hospital staff go around with photo IDs on lanyards. If this hospital had those types of IDs it would have taken two seconds to eyeball his and make sure he was legit. I’m astounded this hospital keeps its JCAHO/TJC certification–were the certifiers sleepwalking?

    If he has to be on medication to understand that what he did was wrong, he doesn’t need to be walking around free in public, either. There still are long-term-care hospitals for the mentally ill. He’s still a minor and his mom can still commit him.

  • lorenzo

    i wonder if he had been better to walk in the hospital with an assault rifle? then you’d actually have a reason to have so much to say….. stupid kid sure … tell me one of you that weren’t …….?

  • Wendy

    Wait. The article says police say he was “in a room with a patient during an examination” then later in the article it quotes the hospital as saying he was never in “patient areas’ nor had contact with any patients. Which is it? Wow, the hospital is really worried about litigation, huh?

  • Paul

    The hospital should be charged with a crime of not protecting patients. Florida board of medicine should be cited too. Security guards should be fired and a new security system put in place to prevent this from ever happening again.

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