Police don’t suspect foul play in death of Kayelyn Louder, family disagrees

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The family of Kayelyn Louder is still waiting for answers, but fears the case could go cold.

The 30-year-old Murray woman went missing in September, and was found months later in the Jordan River.

The cause of her death is unknown, but her family said the circumstances surrounding her death are suspicious.

“The police have told us from the beginning they don't expect foul play, and we feel completely the opposite, we kind of feel like we are left to figure this out,” said Amy Fugal, Louder’s cousin.

The family figures there's no other way to explain how Louder got from her home in Murray to the Jordan River without using her car.

And they said she didn't have bruises, scrapes or decomposition that would come if she fell in the creek behind her house and floated five miles to where she was found in the river.

“We studied the creek and the river and walked up and down both of those and studied water levels and water flows, we've seen the debris and the flow not being capable to carry her for that long,” Fugal said.

And after seeing the body, the family also worries that the autopsy wasn't thorough enough--especially for a possible homicide investigation.

“Her body was filthy, it had moss, and dirt and leaves that we were really surprised were not cleaned up to examine her body really thoroughly to see if there were cuts or wounds or even bruising," Fugal said.

The family is waiting to get those autopsy results, which they hope will tell them more. In the meantime, they’re following up on tips.

Early on in the investigation, police said Louder seemed disoriented and confused, based on 911 calls and surveillance video captured of her before she went missing. FOX 13 News reached out to the Murray Police Department Sunday, but didn't hear back.

Click here for FOX 13 News' ongoing coverage of this case.


  • Jeppson

    Was she seeing a cop? Start looking at police in the community since they are so good at covering for each others murders.


      She was actually on drugs, reference the surveillance video where she is walking in circles staring at the ground like a zombie.

      It’s more likely she passed out from drugs and was swept into the Jordan River, there were rain floods that day.

      How about you get off your Cop-hating propaganda and do something useful like use common sense.

  • Deb M

    Are you kidding me? @C’MON JEPPSON…where do you get your information? Do you know for a fact that she was on drugs? She was obviously taking her dog for a walk. And yes, some of us actually do go outside in the rain without shoes…..so! As for the running back, maybe the dog went out the other way and went home and she was going back home. So she’s running barefoot in the rain….so! It amazes me what people come up with after watching a simple video. Although, i will say that the video was CLEARLY spliced together. Perhaps if the entire video were released it would make more sense. I would certainly suspect foul play in her disappearance. Also, who here is qualified to make the “delusional” diagnosis? Stick with the FACTS!

    • BOB

      The temperature in Murray never got above 60 deg. F. in Murray on Sept. 27th. And no, Deb M., normal people don’t go wearing nothing but a tanktop and shorts in the rain at that temperature.

      • Deb M

        Really Bob? Define “normal people.” I wear shorts and go barefoot at 60 deg. F. That’s not cold to me. Does that make me “abnormal?” I don’t think so!

  • Tori

    I must be really delusional then. Because I live in Idaho, with snow on the ground and I sometimes run outside in a tank top and shorts and no shoes for a quick minute to grab something. In fact, unless I’m actually planning to go anywhere, I never have shoes on. Someone better come get this crazy lady! If they don’t think this is foul play, prove it! Don’t hide things and not do jobs correctly and shout foul play.

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