Husband of woman who died while BASE jumping last year dies in paragliding accident

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SALT LAKE CITY -- It was less than a year ago that FOX 13 News introduced you to Clayton Butler; his wife of two weeks died while they were BASE jumping in Zion National Park in February. Now, FOX 13 News has learned Butler was killed in a paragliding accident.

Clayton Butler and Amber Bellows were well-known in extreme sports circles, with a big presence on YouTube.

Butler died after a paragliding accident that occurred recently in Oahu, Hawaii.

Clayton and his wife Amber were in the news almost a year ago after Amber, who was 28, fell to her death while BASE jumping. The activity is illegal in Zion National Park, and Butler was initially cited—though the U.S. Attorney’s Office later dismissed the citation.

After the accident, Butler told FOX 13 News he wanted to do something worthwhile in the aftermath.

“If I can do something for them to save their life, give them food and clean water, keep animals from being hurt or euthanized, that's where the money needs to go,” Butler said of his fundraising efforts.

Butler also spoke about the life he and his wife had together.  He said their relationship revolved around the outdoors and thrill seeking. Butler met Amber Bellows four years before their wedding at a skydiving facility in Tooele.

“She was going there to do her first jump course, and I noticed her,” Clayton Butler said in March of last year.

They dated three years, and BASE jumping became a big part of their lives.They’d record those moments, including right after they married in late January of 2014. The couple jumped 27 stories from their hotel room at the MGM Signature in Las Vegas.

When FOX 13 News interviewed Butler last year, he showed us a tattoo of Amber’s initials and a teardrop on his finger--a tattoo that took the place of his wedding band.

His charity effort in Amber's honor raised more than $10,000.


  • james clendenon

    They used to call this kind of behavior, “thinning the herd”. It’s not hip cool or trendy to do these kinds of things. It’s just stupid and dangerous. It’s sad that some people have to find this out the hard way.

    • Cliff

      We call people like you pu$$ies. One day you’ll be sitting on your couch watching 1 of your 20 favorite tv shows and come to the realization that you never lived a day in your life. You simply exhist like a cockroach and I hate the fact that I have to share oxygen with you.

    • Giselle

      “Thinning the herd”? Really? You’re an $SS to say the least. Do you drive? Fly? Do you know how many people die from simply driving in a car or flying somewhere? Ever speed when you drive? I bet you have. Do you know how dangerous that is? Maybe you should stay inside so you don’t subject yourself to such dangerous activities as those. You my friend are an insensitive idiot. I can only hope that if someone you love ever dies, no one post such hurtful unnecessary comments like yours. Maybe the rest of us were just raised better. Your mother obviously never taught you a thing.

  • Jon McDaniel

    Hey James,
    That was some body’s son, brother, and friend. Keep your stupid chicken sh*t opinion to yourself.

  • Evan

    Clayton was my first cousin. Regardless of whether you agree with his choice of recreational activities, you have to admit that he accomplished more in his 28 year life than most of us do in our entire lives.

  • Denise

    I am a former teacher of Clayton’s and knew him for almost 20 years. He was quite an engaging young man…always a ‘risk’ taker from the time he was quite young. While I may not embrace his ‘paragliding/base-jumping, etc.’ lifestyle, it doesn’t surprised me in the least that he chose those types of activities. He was a kind-hearted and loyal friend…engaging laugh…Eagle Scout…nature and animal lover. He leaves behind his Dad….as his Mom passed away with cancer several years ago…he will be missed!

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