18-year-old reportedly plans to marry her long-lost father, have children together

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NEW JERSEY – An 18-year-old woman is reportedly planning to marry her long-lost father and relocate to New Jersey—where she said incest between adults is legal.

 New York Magazine reports the unnamed couple is living in the Great Lakes region, and the story has been making news in the wake of an interview the daughter gave to the magazine regarding her relationship with her father.

The woman reportedly hadn’t seen her father for 12 years, and she said she was immediately attracted to him when they met again.

While incestuous relationships are considered taboo by many, the couple’s situation is not unheard of. The term Genetic Sexual Attraction was coined to describe the intense attraction some feel when they are reunited with a relative they didn’t grow up with. Click here for more information from the Guardian on GSA.

Attraction between father and daughter is reportedly the least commonly reported form of GSA.

The woman told New York Magazine she lost her virginity to her father a few days after they were reunited.

The woman said she plans to have a large family, and she said she isn’t worried about her children suffering potential issues due to incest.

In regard to the social stigma of her relationship, she told the magazine: “I just don’t understand why I’m judged for being happy. We are two adults who brought each other out of dark places. People need to research incest and GSA because they don’t get it and I don’t think they understand how often it happens.”

Read the full interview by clicking here.  WARNING: Some readers may find the details of the interview disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.


  • Diana

    Incest is sick to me. Think about the birth defects caused by incest! Oh I guess you don’t care because you’re so in love with your father that potential children don’t matter to you. I feel bad for any kids you may have, if they live long enough .

    • bob

      First generation pairings of that sort carry little added risk of birth defects. If they make a habit of it in that family they’ll start looking like they live in Hildale, though.


        One of the bobs lives an alternate lifestyle and has no concept of families, and wouldn’t know what to do with a child if he ever helped create on.

    • Bob

      Lots of non-incestuous couples have a gaggle of little defective babies – they just keep popping them out, and the world feels so sorry for them. If society cared about protecting children from genetic defects, EVERY reproductive couple would be genetically screened, as would their embryos/fetuses. The tech exists. Or is it okay, in your mind, to repeatedly spawn genetically inferior offspring as long as mommy and daddy aren’t knowingly related?

      I would imagine you believe that we all originated from Adam and Eve (and Lilith?) – incest – and then again through Noah’s progeny – more incest.

      You likely even worship a dude that would manifest all of that.

      But in THIS case, it’s wrong?

      I’m not saying I agree with their decisions, I think they’re gross – but I don’t live their lives, and they are both consenting adults.

      Maybe Utahn’s should focus on the incest and pedophilia going on in their known but ignored FLDS communities rather than harassing these grown people’s life choices.

      • BOB

        The child would have a mother/step grandmother combo. The child would have an excellent opportunity to become confused like those in the LGBT community. Kinda cute don’t you think?

  • Teresa

    They deserve whatever they get handed to them. These actions are totally disgusting and they and their so called children will pay the consequences.

  • bob

    The full interview is pretty horrifying. She has MAJOR issues. For reasons that become obvious as you read the interview. For ANYBODY to take advantage of a girl who is that messed up is wrong, but her own father? What a freak show.

  • BOB

    Kinda cute actually. Daddy could have a combination wife/daugher/child/grandchild and mommy could have a combo husband/father/grandfather. The dead beat male could then leave wife/daughter and possibly remarry the daughter/wife’s mother.

  • Debbie Armendariz

    That is just sick and wrong they should both be ashamed of themselves not broadcasting to the world ! !

  • Neener

    This is an obvious fake. There’s no way one person went through all this. Incest, lesbianism with Bible verses, house burning down, etc. I would love to see proof that any of this is real. However, if is IS true, the girl needs serious mental help & the so-called father needs to be taken out and shot.


    Any reason her husband/father wouldn’t run off again like he did before? As a nation we’ve decided that what goes on in the bedroom is none of our business.

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